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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 68:12, 69:45
Catalog: Flying Tigers: FTCD 09697
Source: Audience
Date: October 19, 1996
Location: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, New York, USA

Driven   5:48
Half The World   3:55
Animate   7:01
Limbo   5:30
The Trees   5:05
Red Sector A   5:23
Virtuality   6:06
Nobody's Hero   5:06
Closer To The Heart   4:39
2112: Overture / Temples of Syrinx   6:44
2112: Discovery / Presentation   6:34
2112: Oracle

Test for Echo   6:42
Subdivisions   5:33
Freewill   5:32
Roll The Bones   6:31
Resist   4:24
Leave That Thing Alone / The Rhythm Method   12:02
Natural Science   7:57
Force Ten   5:09
Time and Motion   5:30
Tom Sawyer   5:21
YYZ / Cygnus X-1   5:02

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Average Rating:Audio: 7

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 7)

This is an average audience recording from the first night of An Evening With Rush Tour. All the instruments sound decent (bass is a? little low) and the audience noise does not interfere to much with the sound. There is someone screaming close by, but luckily it is not real distracting.? The BIGGEST disappointment is that it isn't the entire show. The first two songs, Dreamline and The Big Money, are cut out as well as Subdivisions and Red Barchetta. I guess there wasn't enough room on the CDs. I will give the company credit for at least cutting off songs that were not from the current album. A plus that kind of makes up for it is that this is only one of two shows that included both Resist and Time and Motion. The other show was the second night in Buffalo, NY (which is where I saw them this time).    (1999-04-01)

Cary's Notes
   (Audio - 7)

I'm not sure what the deal is with this show; obviously, to fit the 165 minute show onto two CD's, songs have been cut from the setlist, though I can't imagine who would choose to cut TSOR from a commercial boot.? The recording begins on the third song, Driven, and The Spirit of Radio and Red Barchetta are missing from the remainder of the show, a total of four songs lost.? Sound is average, but it is opening night and the first ever complete performance of 2112.? If possible, look for the video of this show, or the complete 165 minute analog recording.    (1999-04-01)

Brent's Bootlegs
   (Audio - 7)

Wow what an amazing show! I hope you got to see Rush on their test for echo tour. Listening to this bootleg will definitely bring back the memories. This was the very first show of the test for echo tour and as Geddy says in this CD, "There are no mistakes, just new parts." The band plays great, however. This CD is an audience recording and sounds decent but not excellent. It is DEFINITELY listenable and enjoyable though. The crowd is very present throughout this show though not overwhelming. At times, the crowd is HILARIOUS as they shout in rapture as they recognize a song about to be played. The highlights of this CD are 2112 and Natural Science in their entirety, Geddy's bass solo during Driven, and Neil's always amazing drum solo. The bad thing is that this bootleg is only 2 CDs and thus cannot contain the entire show. Also there are a couple of other boots that I own from the T4E tour that surpass this boot in quality.    (1999-04-01)

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