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Individually, We Are A Ass, But Together, We Are A Genius


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:10, 62:27, 30:15
Catalog: I-Vent: 1102.10-98
Source: Audience
Date: October 29, 1996
Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Dreamline   6:41
The Big Money   6:18
Driven   5:56
Half the World   3:43
Red Barchetta   6:58
Animate   6:29
Limbo   5:47
The Trees   4:43
Red Sector A   5:14
Virtuality   5:54
Nobody's Hero   5:32
Closer to the Heart   4:52

2112   20:25
Test for Echo   7:10
Subdivisions   5:38
Freewill   5:36
Roll the Bones   6:05
Time and Motion   5:32
Leave That Thing Alone - The Rhythm Method   11:57

Natural Science   8:10
Force Ten   4:49
The Spirit of Radio   4:53
Tom Sawyer   5:43
YYZ - Cygnus X-1   6:36

Individually back.jpg
Individually front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Cary's Notes
   (Audio - 8)

I haven't heard the complete recording of this show.? However, I have heard Time & Motion from this show, which appears as filler on To Hear Amazing Things...? That's where the sound rating above comes from, as I couldn't find any other site that mentioned the sound quality of this show.? I assume that the Time & Motion that I heard comes from nearly the same source/generation as this show.? Note the somewhat rare appearance of Time & Motion in this show, replacing Resist which was not played that night.? Credit for setlist goes to the Rush Setlist Project, as neither Ron's ROIO Review nor any other site had the exact setlist for this title.    (1999-04-01)

   (Audio - 7)

What the heck is up with that title??   (2007-10-12)


Regarding the question related to the boot title, from the T4E Tourbook (quoting Neil): And we're not either. During the making of this record, my partners Geddy and Alex posted some goofy "Inspirational Slogans" on the walls of the studio. Like this one: individually, we are a ass; but together, we are a genius Like most Inspirational Slogans, it's hyperbolic (and goofy), but expresses a humble truth. Another previous discovery to make in life: we do our best work together. And have the most fun too. (That's the "genius" part) We had taken a long break from being "a genius together." After the Counterparts tour ended in May of '94, we took almost a year-and-a-half away from the band, and during that time Geddy and his wife produced a baby girl, Alex produced a solo album, and I produced a tribute to the big-band music of Buddy Rich. We worked; we traveled; we lived our lives; and it was fine.   (2007-10-18)

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