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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 58:34, 55:45, 47:05
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 02996-1
Source: Audience (DAT Master Clone)
Audience (1st gen VHS)
Date: October 29, 1996
Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Intro   1:17
Dreamline   5:09
The Big Money   7:13
Driven   5:05
Half The World   3:50
Red Barchetta   7:02
Animate   6:52
Limbo   5:30
The Trees   5:17
Red Sector A   5:23
Virtuality   5:56

Nobody's Hero   5:39
Closer To The Heart   4:48
2112   21:02
Test For Echo   6:49
Subdivisions   5:42
Freewill   5:47
Roll The Bones   5:58

Time and Motion   5:31
Leave That Thing Alone   4:36
The Rhythm Method   7:58
Natural Science   8:11
Force Ten   4:45
The Spirit Of Radio   4:58
Tom Sawyer   5:58
YYZ/Cygnus X-1   5:10

5a623f15a7d57eb8c94292edd6ae525e *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t01.shn
f6ed370d8b90084b9e234d144d4feb39 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t02.shn
83fe484e0a03ce824395b2b479919a1c *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t03.shn
549f0b6096c6b6f8d14eaf3ec022d00f *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t04.shn
3e915214be0fc79a0ef1f802a9a13513 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t05.shn
9fc00fe9f06900d5767015d04d30ec2a *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t06.shn
79656409c9e44671d1da4f0a632407cb *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t07.shn
72cec2598b32483d222e88b21bad72ff *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t08.shn
3d2fa2fa03f2420a3a12d147d119dfc4 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t09.shn
141699688f87a10068c28e946ca41b6f *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t10.shn
6a2867e15008d3b44f571abba460edd5 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d1t11.shn

c063cb702179ee55fa6cb4ee2573abef *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t01.shn
04f124fb58edef81c7ec677e75c905b2 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t02.shn
14c7f7d6a9f97c71831f29588ad99ebe *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t03.shn
79d6545dd32cc686d62e3c0652a5d5ee *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t04.shn
00f1f7bfff62be231569285a2910cd2e *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t05.shn
21c36dccb65f501aeb157eee534310ef *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t06.shn
ad415feb2cbb2688c05bc94a257abc82 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d2t07.shn

b9988c3cce4db5b60e745d36a5365727 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t01.shn
ee31a884f48d38900b9b9e7996afa80e *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t02.shn
df0793ff23a762c07ff6a12c66c3d2a3 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t03.shn
0e0178827ae14899bf8e31160921fc87 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t04.shn
3017d4ede664248e5c9cc521178d27b2 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t05.shn
a43a7f735b779422a6b949315d33b72e *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t06.shn
d8ddeeb1a97fe3b746bae914e177cde5 *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t07.shn
a1d40c93a570f6fa743b68105f89833b *Rush_Moving-Targets-Ver201_d3t08.shn

T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Back Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Back.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Front Fatboy.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Front Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Front Tray.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201 Front.jpg
T4E Moving Targets Ver201.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.333333333333333

   (Audio - 7)

?    (2003-10-05)

   (Audio - 7)

An upgrade to the original "Moving Targets" release. The sound is slightly better, and we now have YYZ/Cygnus X-1 from a video source.? Recommended if you're looking to upgrade "MT".? The overall sound is decent, lacking the "punch" in the mid/mid bass. Alex and Neil are pretty much buried in the mix, but Geddy's vocals come through nicely.? There are some abrupt sonic changes due to the VHS audio "patches", and the video's audio is understandably inferior to the main show.? Not in the same SQ league as the Chicago '97, Mountain View '97 or the Landover '96, but it's not bad. I like to listen to shows like this as background music (for added motivation) while doing BBP artworks.? Lastly, we get "T&M", which adds to the excitement.    (2003-06-04)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

Taken from the master source, this is a nice early tour show when "Big Money" and "Time and Motion" were still part of the set list. The DAT source does have some problems during the first 40 min. There are about 8 digi-noise spots in the first 40min of the show, never longer than 2 seconds. Because this source was matrixed with a 1st gen VHS audio source (see the Moving Targets DVD), the diginoise were simply "zeroed out".? The encore "YYZ" was missing as the show ends after "Tom Sawyer" on the audio source. The 1st gen VHS source restores "YYZ" to the set list and makes for the most complete version of this show. The rest of the show is very clean. The matrixing of the two sources definitely adds some needed depth and image to the recording making for a more pleasant sounding show. Still, this is one of the better sounding shows with "Time and Motion" as part of the set list. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade only and not to be sold or bought.    (2003-06-04)

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