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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 64:03, 47:22
Catalog: Rush-Signals Production: #RSP-830409-1
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: April 09, 1983
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Radio Promo   0:58
The Spirit of Radio   4:35
Tom Sawyer   5:09
Freewill   5:09
Digital Man   6:28
Subdivisions   5:18
Vital Signs   5:01
The Camera Eye   6:44
Closer To The Heart   2:59
Chemistry   4:55
Analog Kid   4:55
Broon?s Bane/The Trees   5:50
Red Barchetta   6:02

The Weapon   8:00
New World Man   3:53
Limelight   4:09
Countdown   5:55
2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx   6:04
Xanadu   2:22
La Villa Strangiato   3:19
In The Mood   4:07
YYZ/Drum Solo   9:33

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SIG ADigitalForum front.jpg

Average Rating:


Many people (and you can definitely include me) believe the "Signals" tour to be one of the finest set lists Rush has ever played, so it is very frustrating that the tour is so poorly documented. Especially when you consider that it is one of their longest tours. So it is great to add a bootleg to the very short list of decent ?Signals? boots.

Okay so how does this bootleg measure up? Very nicely. It is easily better than ?Signals de Quebec?. Although the sound is pretty similar in that Quebec show two day earlier there are a few major advantages to this source. The sound is more upfront, it is more consistent, it is ?fuller?, and (most importantly) no screaming woman! It is hard to say exactly how this measures up to (one of my absolute favorites) ?Music in the Abstract? but I?ll force a guess anyways?I?d say this is a smidgen below the sound of ?Music in the Abstract?. The performance is about equal in both shows; they are both remarkable, with ?Abstract? coming in barely above it. So this is my 2nd favorite ?Signals? show. Many newbies may like the London show the most as it is the most upfront, but with all the hiss and the ludicrous amounts of cuts, it is third on my list.

The sound is pretty damn good on this bootleg, and excellent for this tour! There is no talking! Next to a few people you can here in the background yell out song titles as Rush begins to play that song. Even the people who are most sensitive to talkers will be very, very happy with the audience on this show. This is easily one of the most enthusiastic audiences I have ever heard, and it is easy to understand why. Rush hadn?t played on their side of the boarder since June 23, ?81 in Vancouver, British Columbia. And they had not played Montreal since March 27 ?81 and that show was turned into the ?Exit...Stage Left? video. Even so the overall roar is only a factor between songs, and even then you can almost always understand Geddy with little effort. The ONLY cut is a tape flip after ?Closer to the Heart?, no music OR talking is lost. The mix is nice, Geddy?s voice could be a little more upfront but it is upfront enough anyway.

The performance is great! Like so many shows from this tour Geddy fools with the ?one likes to believe in the freedom of baseball? line and the plumbers of syrinx. Alex?s guitar work on ?Digital Man? is the best I?ve heard him perform. ?The Camera Eye? really smokes tonight, although not quite the mega performance from two nights previous, this one is really great! This is the best version ever of ?The Analog Kid?! This is the best performance I?ve heard of ?The Signals Medley? as well. An interesting moment is when Geddy dedicates "YYZ" (to Mrs. Vilviachkey? Can?t make out the name!), first time I?ve heard Rush make a dedication!

If you are a casual collector you may want to consider this bootleg. If you are anything more than casual?THIS IS A MUST!

Dionysus 10

This would be one of the best sounding signals shows out there if it weren't for a bunch of fans stomping on the ground next to the taper. It can get quite annoying at times especially during The Spirit of Radio where it sounds like a there's a second drummer playing out of key. Overall this is a nice show to have if you can put up with a few loud fans.

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