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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 69:34, 71:27
Catalog: : 38.42,121.35
Source: Audience
Date: November 21, 1996
Location: Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USA

Dreamline   6:22
The Big Money   6:19
Driven   6:00
Half The World   4:03
Red Barchetta   6:51
Animate   6:30
Limbo   5:52
The Trees   5:26
Red Sector A   5:19
Virtuality   5:54
Nobody's Hero   5:43
Closer To The Heart   5:09

2112   21:19
Test for Echo   6:48
Subdivisions   5:39
Freewill   5:42
Roll the Bones   6:01
Resist   5:06
Leave That Thing Alone > The Rhythm Method   12:36
Natural Science   8:16

test drive back.JPG
test drive discs.JPG
test drive front.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Rush Trading Register
   (Audio - 6)

As with the Counterparts tour - there are sure to be better boots than this in the coming months / years. Quality is not to bad and can be improved considerably with a little EQ to the point where it really becomes most enjoyable! Highlights are the live versions of the Test For Echo tracks and the superb 2112 - all 20 mins of it. - These shine though - as does Natural Science. Whatever made Rush think of performing this, probably their finest track, after all these years heaven only knows, but I'm glad they did. A word of warning here. Regulars to the Rush Trading Register will notice that this is a new review. Our last one said that 2112 was missing from this boot. I can assure you that if you purchase this CD from the official source 2112 is there in all it's glory. (See Editors note below) So what's the verdict? Recorded from the first leg of the Test For Echo tour, this is a most worthy audience boot for your collection. - You get most of the show. Packaging is a little week (although I love the cover), and definitely not up to the standards of Mirrors. Audio quality is fair and with a little tweaking really rather good. Play it LOUD (as you should with all audience boots) and you could almost be there!

Editors Note: WARNING - There are TWO versions of this boot going around. The 'official' version includes 2112. You can tell the difference by the disks. Look for ladies on them. If they are blank you will not get 2112!    (1999-04-01)

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