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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 55:03, 49:08
Catalog: Duley Digital:
Source: Audience
Date: May 23, 1979
Location: Concert House, Gothenburg, Sweden

Anthem   4:51
A Passage to Bangkok   3:58
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:18
Xanadu   12:49
The Trees   4:55
Hemispheres   19:48
Closer to the Heart   3:22

A Farewell to Kings   6:10
La Villa Strangiato   10:39
2112   19:07
Working Man   3:45
Bastille Day   1:49
In the Mood   2:48
Drum Solo   4:48

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fk front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7)

This is an interesting show from the Hemisphere's tour. I also think this was the last time Rush played in Sweden, but I'm not sure. Anyway something happens with Alex at the start of the show, because he comes in 30 seconds late. Later in the show, Alex totally flubs the beginning of A Farewell to Kings. (Hence the title of this release)

While the quality of the show is less than some of the other audience recordings from this show, it is a better source than what I've heard in the past for this particular show. All the instruments are fairly well defined, and the bass is not as distorted and muddy as I have heard in other versions. The show is complete, with the taper smartly doing tape flips between songs. I sounds as thought the tape flips occurred just before Hemispheres and AFTK.

The source I was provided did have some problems that had to be overcome. For instance, every 10 - 12 minutes there seemed to be a? momentary digital glitch, which must have occurred during the transfer.? There was no way to fix these glitches, and the only thing I could do was cut out these spots, and insert the corresponding part from another source I had for this show. This is noticable when it happens, because of the change in sound quality. These insertions last about 2 - 3 seconds each. I did not have access to the tapes directly, so it wasn't a matter of just trying to re-record from the cassette. I had to work with the digital files I was given. However, other than the change in sound quality the edits are quite seemless.

This source was apparently spread over 3 tape sides. The first 2 sides being on one tape, and the 3rd side being on another tape. The first two sides ran too fast, and had to be slowed down. The 3rd side was running at what I considered proper speed, and thus no adjustments were made. I am not a musician, and have no idea what concert pitch is, nor do I have a guitar to try to tune it to. I basically just adjusted the speed so that it sounded "normal" to me. It may or may not be perfect.

There is a change in sound quality on the 3rd tape side as well which results in a less clear high end, and less definition overall.? Finally, there is a decrease in sound quality during 2112, as you hear the taper say, "OK" and then the sound changes. I'm guessing someone told him to sit down or something. Anyway, it sounds as if the position of the mics was changed, as the bottom end drops noticably.

There is some tape hiss present, especially during the last few songs. I did apply a very modest amount of noise reduction, but didn't want to apply very much, as I find that although hiss can be removed, it often degrades the sound quality. I prefer to hear some hiss than deteriorate the sound quality.

So, while this recording does have it's problems, I still consider it an upgrade over other sources I have heard for this show. While this show may not be a "must download" for everyone, if you are a fan of the Hemispheres like I am, you can never have enough recordings from that tour. It's also memorable for the flubs Alex makes. Also, the rare show in Sweden may make it desirable for some.

Thanks to "The Other Dutchie" for providing the source.   (2003-06-05)

Rolf Holmström

I was there for this concert, and Alex didn´t "forget" the intro to "AFtK". He had some technical problems with his mounted nylon, and later played the intro to "La Villa Strangiato" on his electric guitar when his nylon again failed to produce any Signals (sorry...) Rolf   (2006-11-21)

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