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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 61:07, 57:52
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 21790
Source: Audience (2nd Gen)
Date: February 17, 1990
Location: Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Force Ten   5:23
Freewill   4:04
Distant Early Warning   4:26
Time Stand Still   6:19
Subdivisions   5:39
Marathon   6:39
Red Barchetta   6:32
Show Don?t Tell   6:32
Superconductor   5:33
The Pass   5:07
Closer To The Heart   4:47

Manhattan Project   5:33
Xanadu   6:43
YYZ   3:11
Drum Solo   4:07
Scars   3:44
War Paint   5:59
Mission   5:43
Tom Sawyer   5:45
The Big Money   6:02
2112: Overture   3:22
La Villa Strangiato   4:54
In The Mood   2:42

024be436835a82b58222639037e8e2e3 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t01.shn
8348a7861dafab0870f3ef36711411b1 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t02.shn
8056471c93096afa2f219e5df7b3711b *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t03.shn
efad5bcf584d0652101c064730caae47 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t04.shn
b04e7193196d26066f2366b64eb69eb3 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t05.shn
921a596695320b9f265c128d3eb2510b *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t06.shn
5f0fa513e596371b42ca39fc09a8ed8a *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t07.shn
cd042f91df6447c53a44d727e9c50fdc *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t08.shn
316e6d93c69139bedaa19300145752ac *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t09.shn
83b554f23e0a9d70522d41075df80e33 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t10.shn
78e1e38ba0362c7127ee8b395288a452 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d1t11.shn
b6cfa21cf428a63f7fab95a6079f8c3b *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t01.shn
5113694f3cbd05a0e576f33582253e3a *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t02.shn
4d3854377e56610f35b91358dae174d8 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t03.shn
c9c8bd919682d8e18e7ce7811fbf2c1b *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t04.shn
b0c5a4c14eface87247b84530d85698f *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t05.shn
27902d298de134779adf4476cc934939 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t06.shn
aca6943931e348ed7bbf317c0d6bbcf0 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t07.shn
f24d9825f42b6cf0c0d7d377f8086692 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t08.shn
b5831f55bf11beea96f484c847d8e265 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t09.shn
aa445ca22d730355b18696eabe545ee6 *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t10.shn
a1e5a2899c83208634332649fa5054da *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t11.shn
0aea020ce3db86e0f30036a0ad55f2da *Rush19900217_FoFT_d2t12.shn

Presto For Our First Trick Back Thumbnail.jpg
Presto For Our First Trick Back.jpg
Presto For Our First Trick Front Thumbnail.jpg
Presto For Our First Trick Front.jpg
Presto For Our First Trick Tray.jpg
Presto For Our First Trick.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7)

Not the best of the tour by any means, but it's the first show. Few mistakes as the band here and there. Sound quality is above average. Overall it's a good boot to have. Thanks to RVB for supplying the source.    (2002-04-26)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7)

Another good audience recording from the Presto tour. An interesting opening night that isn't really plagued with any severe problems. At times the recording sounds bright and nice, other times dull as if the mic is being obstructed. So at times the show is both better and worse than rated. The beginning of "Scars" is cut and was faded in. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (2002-04-26)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

The first night of the Presto tour! This is an interesting show from a tour that produced relatively few surprises. First, the song list is slightly different, with ?Show Don?t Tell? coming before ?Superconductor.? This would be reversed later in the tour. Also, ?The Big Money? is in the rotation, which would later be dropped for ?The Spirit Of Radio.? For the first night, the performance is very good, but not perfect. There are a few missed cues, and several of the songs lack the punch they would have later in the tour. Ironically, this is one of the best performances of ?War Paint.? The sound quality is great ? the only problems are that the drums are a bit loud and the bass is a bit quiet. Also, the start of ?Scars? is cut. A great ROIO!    (2002-04-26)

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