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Birmingham '88 - Remaster Edition


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 59:13, 51:18
Catalog: Grande Kielbasa Productions: GKP 2001-3
Source: Multi Track Soundboard
Date: April 23, 1988
Location: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

Three Stooges Intro   0:52
The Big Money   5:57
Subdivisions   5:23
Marathon   6:32
Turn The Page   4:42
Prime Mover   5:33
Manhattan Project   5:10
Closer To The Heart   4:32
Red Sector A   5:11
Force Ten   4:55
Time Stand Still   5:11
Distant Early Warning   5:15

Lock And Key   6:34
Mission   5:41
Territories   6:20
YYZ   3:18
The Rhythm Method   4:37
The Spirit Of Radio   4:59
Tom Sawyer   5:38
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   5:33
La Villa Strangiato   5:27
In The Mood   3:11

b8d7ab039511f9b09410019c877eb1e5 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t01.shn
a432efab92f80fb83b041908bc2a0004 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t02.shn
1b2c707905974d44c0e1113191e1c763 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t03.shn
622b5fa4c9075840633d467fb38631b5 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t04.shn
f924d4d9084859b4bfce5acfa523c4ef *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t05.shn
701a3177904e32d57486e1e236718089 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t06.shn
1616a81a2f257a80f6ec3e49967cbeff *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t07.shn
c6771eddf4e351c68e34e3bb0db2eae1 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t08.shn
b4e47d9dce9a58ab9199d0ce2c903af8 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t09.shn
63a6d1885253e3f91e3542e8681427d2 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t10.shn
4a4ce9f5e247d75750b7f0a5d8c937fa *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t11.shn
9ef8d9c9d5f73288f1f63ad5ebecf476 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d1t12.shn

6039c28d48a0bf97854479c11219e042 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t01.shn
83a3de0dd5e6756b7159f20be503b7bf *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t02.shn
17df52f758b82e191be1042441e1fa45 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t03.shn
540b09ca38d8110c98bba9a4e5f069c4 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t04.shn
c25212451a9348011b80ca834576f8ec *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t05.shn
f7cde909141907099f4959668a656f46 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t06.shn
50708b8af656b4c6050a86775b266ada *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t07.shn
86e14e44e4d909dc3aadc678abf56046 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t08.shn
43a44b59b6da13760e90f9823bee1e66 *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t09.shn
3ea3dce4e7dfcacc7ca2e7c011e4571a *Rush_1988-04-23_B88R_d2t10.shn

HYF Birmingham 88 Remaster Edition Back.jpg
HYF Birmingham 88 Remaster Edition Front Thumbnail.jpg
HYF Birmingham 88 Remaster Edition Front.jpg
HYF Birmingham 88 Remaster Edition Tray.jpg
HYF Birmingham 88 Remaster Edition.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9.666666666666666

Grande Kielbasa
   (Audio - 10)

The original Crystalline release of "A Desperate Voice" is of course one of the best Rush recordings ever, but it had several annoying flaws which have now been corrected.

  1. The original version used the "Three Stooges" intro from the laser disc, which had all kinds of overdubbed noises that weren't used on the 1988 tour. The remaster uses the more appropriate intro from the ASOH CD.
  2. On the original version, there are 68 seconds of "The Rhythm Method" that are missing. This was contained on the ASOH CD but not on the LD. Since both were from the same performance, I have decided to include this on the remaster. Neil's fans will be happy because the first portion of this drum solo was edited out of the CD release, and the end was edited out of the LD release. It is complete here for the first time ever. (Note: from listening to several audience recordings from this tour, two things are apparent: 1)Neil played the drum solo the same each night, as far as the different sections of it are concerned; 2)one of the sections, lasting approximately one minute, is still missing from this performance)
  3. The transitions between the CD and LD portions of the show were poorly done on the original. On the remaster, these transitions are properly crossfaded and are invisible to the listener.
  4. The original was not indexed at the proper frame boundaries, resulting in that annoying click between tracks. This has been completely corrected on the remaster.
  5. A seek and destroy mission was conducted which eliminated numerous other annoying clicks, pops, and static from the original.

This remastered version now runs seamlessly from start to finish like a real concert. Of course, it is still not complete. "Limelight", the 30 second snippet of "Red Lenses", a significant portion of the recorded intros to "2112" and "Distant Early Warning", the clock sounds that precede "Time Stand Still", and 1 minute of "The Rhythm Method" are still missing, leaving this show about 10 minutes short. Nevertheless, this recording is now better than ever and is worth a new listen. Enjoy!    (2001-05-30)

Ron's Rush RoIO Guide
   (Audio - 10)

This is the audio portion of the "A Show Of Hands" video. About 3/4 of the HYF concert is represented here, with the highlights being "Prime Mover" and "Territories." This is also my personal favorite version of "The Spirit Of Radio." Alex?s vocals come out very well on this show. As a video feed, this is a soundboard-quality show.    (2001-05-30)

   (Audio - 9)

EX/EX-    (2005-08-19)

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