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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR0100/0101
Source: Audience (1st or 2nd gen)
Date: April 02, 1988
Location: Civic Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The Big Money
Turn The Page
Prime Mover
Manhattan Project
Closer To The Heart
Red Sector A
Force Ten
Time Stand Still
Distant Early Warning

Lock and Key
YYZ/Rhythm Method
Red Lenses
The Spirit Of Radio
Tom Sawyer
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx
La Villa Strangiato
In The Mood

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.625

   (Audio - 8)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, god bless Sirius Records I love them! This is the show I listen to the most from the HYF tour, although "Force Without Form" gets the nod a lot! I love this show! The performance is great! The sound is great! There is NO talking, unlike the tad bit in Fw/oF. All around excellent show, if Sirius releases it, I want to listen to it! I love them! Nothing to complain about with this show. Its the one to get from the Omaha shows. The sound is very upfront, equalized complaints, get this one. Also, Fw/oF is a great pickup as well, but I like this one slightly more. There is no much to say about this one, except, get it!   (2001-12-02)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

An incredible audience recording often mistaken as a soundboard, even by me at first, from the Civic Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska on April 2nd, 1988. The sound quality is unbelievable as Rush is captured in all their magnificent glory. This is much better than "Leaving Omaha" cause this recording is of lower gen and it is at the correct speed!    (1999-04-01)


This release is sourced from a 2nd gen tape. The DRE database lists it as "1st or 2nd gen", which sort of implies that it's an unknown, and that is NOT the case. It's a 2nd gen, period.    (2006-04-12)

   (Audio - 9)

i might be listening to one of -- if not THE -- best Rush audience recordings ever... probably could use a little EQ on the treble end but it's otherwise marvelous... afficionados are giving it an 8.0 so i'm guessing the reason is because it's 2nd Gen... there are NO talkers, wall of sound, this takes the let them eat cake. prime mover, turn the page.. piercing synths just grab you, bass pedals floor you.. if you don't have this recording then you're an idiot. just funnin'... but seriously, think i may have found my new favorite boot for this week/month. begs you to shake your fist and question from rooftops, "why can't more AUD sources be THIS good?!"    (2007-09-01)

Aramis K. Vidaurre A.
   (Audio - 9.5)

DI is an excellent AUD recording considering the time and equipment available; it doesn’t seem as if the original tape had received any special treatment. The instruments are upfront and balanced. Perhaps, the bass is somewhat lost during “Subdivisions”. You can perceive some talking, not disturbing though and the cheerful reaction from the audience gives you a nice perspective of the ignition being produced. “Dream Ignites” is one of the few boots from the HYF tour that can be counted as an EX sound quality.   (2009-04-07)

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