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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 57:38, 56:13, 46:01
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-20596
Source: ALD
Date: December 05, 1996
Location: The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA

2001 Intro   1:10
Dreamline   5:04
The Big Money   7:06
Driven   5:10
Half The World   3:53
Red Barchetta   6:52
Animate   6:53
Limbo   5:26
The Trees   5:06
Red Sector A   5:12
Virtuality   5:48

Nobody's Hero   5:40
Closer to the Heart   4:58
2112   21:21
Test for Echo   7:03
Subdivisions   5:38
Freewill   5:37
Roll the Bones   5:55

Resist   4:55
Leave That Thing Alone   4:44
The Rhythm Method   8:07
Natural Science   8:04
Force Ten   4:44
The Spirit of Radio   4:50
Tom Sawyer   5:48
YYZ   4:20
Cygnus X-1   0:30

T4E The Summit Board Back.jpg
T4E The Summit Board Back Tray.jpg
T4E The Summit Board Front.jpg
T4E The Summit Board Front Tray.jpg
T4E The Summit Board.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9.25

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 9)

Yep, it's yet another soundboard. This time, from the T4E tour and it is the full show. First of all, you shouldn't be reading this unless you have the official release "Different Stages"! Second, while quite exceptional sounding, it still isn't in the same league as the professionally remixed "Different Stages". This is a very fun concert to listen to. Geddy is quite talkative on this night. When Alex starts playing a bit of the infamous country ditty, Geddy says: "Oh, no no we're not going to play a country song! He's just kidding around over there." Since this is from the first leg of the tour, we still get "The Big Money" along with the "Wipeout" ending that is so cool. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is available for free trade only. Do not sell or purchase this recording as it can be obtained freely, visit the DRE Newsgroup. Please keep the spirit of trading alive by not allowing lowlifes to profit off of Rush!    (2001-03-10)

dave ricks
   (Audio - 9.5)

Very similar release as Bigger & Better In Texas. Here the highs are just not as bright and clear as the above title. also the channels have been reversed. neils high-hat is panned to the left and it should be to the righ as it is on Different Stages.    (2005-03-06)

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