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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 56:10, 57:00, 47:58
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-60797
Source: Audience (Analog Master)
Date: June 07, 1997
Location: Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, Kansas, USA

Thus Spake Zarathustra   1:02
Dreamline   5:01
Limelight   4:29
Stick It Out   5:20
Driven   5:19
Half The World   3:55
Red Barchetta   6:55
Animate   7:04
Limbo   5:26
The Trees   5:47
Virtuality   5:54

Nobody's Hero   5:38
Closer to the Heart   5:30
2112   21:52
Test for Echo   6:56
Freewill   5:47
Red Sector A   5:18
Roll the Bones   6:00

Resist   5:00
Leave That Thing Alone   4:56
The Rhythm Method   9:16
Natural Science   8:13
Force Ten   4:46
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
Tom Sawyer   5:49
YYZ   4:56

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T4E Between Two Extremes Front.jpg
T4E Between Two Extremes Front Tray.jpg
T4E Between Two Extremes.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

   (Audio - 9)

How can you beat this! This could be the best audience tape ever! Without question, without any competitors, there IS no audience recording this articulate! How fitting because the performance is the same way! It?s a whole hell of a lot better than ?O? Chicago? and PROBABLY a little better than DttE PE even! We are talking serious *&%$*@$ recordings man! You might say this even sounds better than ?Bigger and Better in Texas?! The mix is like a wet dream come true man! It?s wonderful. Getting down to the very nitty-gritty, there is a cut in ?Dreamline? and most of ?Dreamline? is worst than the rest of the tape (Ex- at absolute worst!). The only other detractor is for the first half of the first set, a guy right next to the taper finds time to hoot and holler every once in a while, very annoying, but only occasional so no big woop, and you can?t even hear ANY individuals throughout most of the show. If this source did not have those ?problems? I would swear up and down this was a pro release! There is no way an audience tape can be so upfront and so completely, totally and accurately articulate in every little stupid nuance that the band does on stage. Is there? Apparently! I mean the whole time I listen to this; my jaw was on the floor! The sound is that good! Not rating this Ex+ is a damn crime! Oh ya, and what a performance! This version of ?Freewill? features, by far, the highest notes Geddy has hit in well over a decade! The version of ?Red Sector A? is one of the best as well. The version of ?The Spirit of Radio? will raise the temperature in the house! They really pack a hell of a lot emotion into ?Resist?. Speaking of which, you know how good this recording is? You can hear a natural echo in ?Resist?! That?s detail! Throughout the whole night Geddy is really singing passionately. All three of the members add slight changes to most of these songs. Just like in ?Rising from the Ashes?, I love that! Nothing major at all, just enough so the listener can tell that they really enjoyed the show. You can really tell they feel jaunty on this night. Another interesting aspect of the performance is an absolutely mind blowing performance of one of the most amazing songs ever here in ?2112?. This is not only a phenomenal performance, but also a very unique one. Very unique. On the slow parts of the song, the band plays especially slow, approaching something of a bluesy feel many times! All three members really slow it down on the slower parts and approach each and every note with great feeling, it?s really something! Oh, but on the fast parts?wow! They go from extra slow to SUPERSONIC! They just rock the frickin place to high hell! They do the exact same thing with ?Natural Science? (even more STUNNING vocals from Geddy!) It?s hard to say where this ranks among the best versions (which I consider to be, ?Black Forest?, ?La Villa Strangiato? & ?Seasonal Migrations?). This is unquestionably the most interesting, unique version though. Most of the performance is like that as well; they just drench every detail and note of each song with emotion! Even ?The Rhythm Method? takes on newfound passion! I mean Geddy sings with such care and pure heart on every song it?s really great to hear such a performance. Neil has never played a better show!!!!! And just in case your head wasn?t entirely blown off your body towards the end, the version of ?Tom Sawyer? will finish the job. In short, this is a thorough must have! ?Wow? does not begin to tell the story.    (2002-03-24)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 9)

This is one of those "wow" shows. When I got source the bass was so overpowering it nearly blew my headphones! But after the bass was tamed, it went from a lower grade show to a best of tour grade show. The mix is wonderful, Neil is captured very well, Geddy's vocals are upfront, and Alex blends in perfectly. The audience is also extremely well behaved for a US crowd. The only drawbacks to this show are a short cut in "Dreamline" and that the mix doesn't quite have as wide a soundstage as the Chicago '97 show a week later. As with all Digital Reproductions shows, this release is for free trade only and not to be bought or sold.    (2001-09-27)

   (Audio - 9)

What a nice surprise to find a recording sounding this good!! This show is one of the best show to surface in 2000. Although this show does not have that punch of a pure digital recording like Tinley Park '97, Camden '97, New Orleans '96, it is one of the best from the entire tour; hence the EX rating rather than an EX+..? The source is reported to be from an ANALOGUE master. I think it remastered quite well.? FREE FOR TRADING, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS RECORDING.?    (2001-09-27)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 8)

Reading the previous comments I can immediately detect that probably six years ago the best was still to come. Why? BTE is a nice and enjoyable audience recording. That’s it, not as spectacular as suggested – not even better than “Bigger and Better in Texas” (please!!) - . Let’s remember that at least from that tour “Great Woods and Summer Skies” and “Echoes on Stage” boots (released some time later, that's perhaps why this is so hyperrated)) are excellent sounding ones. In BTW you can hear people screaming, talking, singing and even coughing close. You can notice some slights changes in the volume. The instruments are very clear, the bass very low, lack of punch; even in “Driven” is not as powerful as it should. In “Force Ten”, there are two cuts in the first two minutes, nothing serious but they are there. In “Virtuality”, Geddy misses the “Net boy” phrase. “Temples of Syrinx" is played in complete set (from mark 6:56 to 11:20 it’s only Alex playing). After this, Geddy announces a twenty-minute intermission. The second and third parts are ready to go. A good set of tunes. A good show.    (2007-08-09)

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