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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 55:49, 57:01, 47:50
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-61497
Source: Audience (DAT Master Clone)
Date: June 14, 1997
Location: World Music Theater, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

Thus Spake Zarathustra   1:40
Dreamline   5:03
Limelight   4:29
Stick It Out   5:28
Driven   5:09
Half The World   3:55
Red Barchetta   6:52
Animate   6:59
Limbo   5:26
The Trees   5:27
Virtuality   5:51

Nobody's Hero   5:28
Closer to the Heart   5:25
2112   21:53
Test for Echo   7:17
Freewill   5:39
Red Sector A   5:18
Roll the Bones   6:01

Resist   4:52
Leave That Thing Alone   4:49
The Rhythm Method   8:23
Natural Science   8:08
Force Ten   4:44
The Spirit of Radio   4:58
Tom Sawyer   6:31
YYZ   5:25

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T4E O Chicago Front Tray.jpg
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Average Rating:Audio: 8.833333333333334

   (Audio - 9.5)

This is by far THE best T4E show I've heard. It is incredible!!! Remastered from a DAT master clone, it captures every nuances of the show. There is so much ambiance, pure energy, crisp highs, pants-flapping lows and powerful punchy bass from a pure digital recording. I just can't say enough about this show. Until a better sounding T4E show surfaces, O' Chicago is my pick. Just sit back and enjoy this gem!! O' Chicago is only available by trade. If someone's trying to sell you a copy of this show, contact the Webmaster for my email. I will personally make sure you get a copy via a trade.    (2001-01-18)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 9.5)

By far the best sounding show from the T4E tour that has so far turned up. Having heard a few of the soundboard shows from this tour, this audience recording has far better sound quality with no tape hiss as it is in all of its full digital glory. This is taken from a much different source than "Road Tested". This show is a must have for any Rush fan of the last tour. An almost perfect recording, the boys sound great. The drums sound great, the bass is well defined as are the vocals. The guitar is a little low in the mix, but that is how I remembered the sound from the Milwaukee show I was at the night before. During "Driven" there is a nasty bit of feedback on stage that sounds like a fire alarm, ends up scaring the hell out of me when I'm not paying attention! To Hear Amazing Things is an amazing recording, so if you liked that show, you'll love this one.    (2001-01-18)

Aramis K. Vidaurre Álvarez
   (Audio - 7.5)

O’Chicago is a nice audience recording. The instruments are clear but distant; it sounds a little muffled; it is not a “the best” boot from this gig. Now, what is that sound in “Driven”, mark 1.31? I thought my computer was about to explode. As for the performance, no surprises; it is an average and almost flawless show containing some goodies (a shame “Subdivisions” was not included); what is it with “Half the World” guys? It is the lamest tune you ever played live! Besides, I would have preferred to listen to just one instrumental tune instead of the two; they could have provided some room for other gems. Anyway, there is a nice rant segment by the middle of “Xanadu”. “Red Sector A” is played without any introduction, just Neil’s pedal giving the cue; the same happens with “Roll the Bones”, which does not have the key intro. I miss Alex’s impromptu in “Closer to the Heart” or “La Villa Strangiato” or even his comments to introduce “Stick It Out”. Here, you can only have Geddy trying to justify why playing “Nobody’s Hero”. An average performance as well as sounding and a not-so-good selection of songs make O’Chicago an Oh Chicago!!   (2009-04-07)

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