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Driven To The Edge - Platinum Edition


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 55:46, 49:58, 53:34
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 62297
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: June 22, 1997
Location: Blockbuster - Sony Music Entertainment Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Thus Spake Zarathustra   1:37
Dreamline   5:01
Limelight   4:29
Stick It Out   5:12
Driven   5:15
Half The World   3:55
Red Barchetta   6:50
Animate   6:52
Limbo   5:19
The Trees   5:28
Virtuality   5:47

Nobody's Hero   5:22
Closer to the Heart   5:24
2112   21:25
Test for Echo   6:57
Freewill   5:38
Red Sector A   5:11

Roll the Bones   6:39
Resist   4:27
Leave That Thing Alone   4:47
The Rhythm Method   8:29
Natural Science   8:07
Force Ten   4:46
The Spirit of Radio   4:54
Tom Sawyer   6:30
YYZ   4:21
Cygnus X-1   0:33

T4E Driven To The Edge Platinum Edition Back.jpg
T4E Driven To The Edge Platinum Edition Back Tray.jpg
T4E Driven To The Edge Platinum Edition Front.jpg
T4E Driven To The Edge Platinum Edition Front Tray.jpg
T4E Driven To The Edge Platinum Edition.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 9)

Long considered the best recording from the T4E tour in sound quality, performance, and atmosphere. This was originally released by Digital Reproductions at the very end of 1997. To this day, this has remained the most popular and well circulated of all the DR releases. And for good reason. The sound is absolutely amazing. Everything is perfectly captured and incredibly well balanced. The boys are having a great night, and the energy really shows. An absolute must have show, even for those of you that never venture away from soundboard recordings! As with all Digital Reproductions releases, these are not for sale. They are for free trade only so please do not sell or purchase this recording. See the trading links and newsgroup for individuals that will freely trade this show.

Now a quick word about the Platinum Edition. Many of you are wondering why a PE was required. When this production was originally done some 3.5 years ago, my production skills weren't up to the same level as they are now. So there were some less than graceful transitions, blips between tracks, and other minor anomalies that weren't befitting a recording of this stature. So when I reacquired the master clone source again recently, it was a perfect time to make the transitions seamless (try and find one) and use cuesheets so there are no blips between tracks. There has also be concern that there are "pops" in the recording. There are not, if you hear a pop it is actually a hand clap. The mics used for this show were almost "too" accurate. A muted handclap would sound close to a pop, but upon very close examination with a wave file editor, it proved that it was just a handclap. So once you quite worrying about it, you'll never notice it anyway. Just another case of "Ignorance is Bliss".    (2001-04-26)

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