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Media: 3 VCD Video
Time: 59:25, 48:38, 46:15
Catalog: Duley Digital:
Source: Hi8 Video (Master)
Date: June 30, 1997
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intro/Dreamline   6:08
Limelight   4:13
Stick it Out   4:27
Driven   5:48
Half the World   3:42
Red Barchetta   6:41
Animate   6:19
Limbo   5:40
The Trees   5:22
Virtuality   5:42
Nobody's Hero   5:23

Closer to the Heart   5:22
2112 - Overture / Temples of Syrinx   6:44
2112 - Discovery / Presentation   7:58
2112 - Oracle / Soliloquy / Grand Finale   6:15
Test for Echo   5:45
Freewill   5:31
Red Sector A   5:09
Roll the Bones   5:54

Resist   4:56
Leave That Thing Alone / Drum Solo   12:58
Natural Science   8:01
Force Ten / The Spirit of Radio   9:36
Tom Sawyer
YYZ / Cygnus X-1   4:56

Rush YYZed back.jpg
Rush YYZed front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8
Video: 8

   (Audio - 8, Video - 8)

I have never been a trader of concert videos. The reason for this is that I've found it difficult to find low gen copies for trade. Most traders with master copies will only trade for copies of other masters. So the best you can usually hope to trade for is a copy of a 1st gen, and thus you have a 2nd gen, and if you want to trade it, you are sending out a 3rd gen copy. You get the picture. From what I've seen of generated videos is that they leave something to be desired.

However, this video is in VCD format, made directly from the master 8mm stereo video tape. Therefore does not suffer from generation degradation. While the picture isn't exactly DVD quality, I would say it is about as good as a master on VHS. Certainly better than a 1st gen copy.

The show is filmed in Toronto on June 30, 1997. I believe that this is the same night they were filming the show for a possible DVD issue. I say that because you can see a crane moving around with a camera hanging from it. Perhaps they filmed other shows, but if that was the case, I'd expect that we'd have a DVD by now.
First, the shortfalls of the video.

The filmer is sitting in a tough spot for filming. There is a head in front of him, and he has to shift in his seat (or perhaps pass the camera to a friend) when he wants to shift focus from Geddy to Alex. There are short periods where you can see only blackness; presumable the back of a head, or in some cases I think the camera is dropped down to hide it from security. Luckily, these periods are usually quite short. Also, because of the filmers position, Geddy's keyboard blocks his view of the Professor. You can see a portion of the drum kit, and occassionally Neil's arms or legs, but rarely a head shot. (Although you can see him frequently on the video screen in the background).

Also, I mentioned the crane with the camera Rush was using to film the show. The crane moves around frequently, and again, because of the filmers postion, the crane will sometimes block the view of Geddy. (filmer is sitting on Geddy's side of the stage). However, when the crane blocks the view, the filmer switches view to Alex. Finally, the filmer is not using a tripod, so the picture can be shaky at times. The video gets progressively better as the show procedes, and by the end, most shots are unobstructed. Disc 3 is definately the highlight as far as quality is concerned.

Now the good things. First off, I thought the quality of the video was excellent. Very nice and clear. Also, he had a good zoom lens and there are mostly closeups on Geddy or Alex for most of the show. Occassionally the filmer zooms right in so the guitar fills the whole screen while Alex does a solo. I took screen captures of the video and included them in the artwork, so you can check that to get an idea of what the video quality is like.

The audio is also very good. I would rate it as a definate EX- or perhaps a little higher. Of course, perhaps it just sounded better, because I had the stereo cranked and was able to see them play, rather than just hear it.

It was really neat to see Alex and Geddy's facial expressions and antics as they played certain songs. Seeing as I haven't seen them live in some time, it was really neat to see this. Something else that was interesting was that during Tom Sawyer, there were 3 puppets on Geddy's keyboards playing along with the music. What's up with that? Did anyone who attended these shows notice that while they were there?

As an added bonus, the show is indexed into tracks. That way it's easy to skip from track to another. The downside is that there is a milisecond jump as it moves from one track to another.

In order to view this you will need either a VCD player, or a DVD player capable of playing these. Be careful, not all DVD players will. Many of the cheaper DVD players will not played burned cdrs, so do your homework. You need a DVD player that will play VCDs and burned cdrs.

In my opinion, this VCD set was well worth what I had to trade to get it. I don't take credit for producing this show. All credit goes to the filmer. The only thing I did was produce some artwork for it and give it a name.    (2001-07-27)

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