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Media: 1 VCD Video
Time: 72:41
Catalog: Duley Digital: DD-871223-V
Source: Audience (Master Tape)
Date: December 23, 1987
Location: Studio

Interviews and Live Segments   72:41

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Average Rating:Audio: 8
Video: 7.5

   (Audio - 8, Video - 7)

This special actually IS an hour long, even after the commercials have been edited out. Normally these hour long specials boil down to 50 minutes after taking out the commercials. So when it was entitled the Rush Hour, it really is the Rush HOUR.

The majority of the special focuses on an interview with Geddy. To a lesser extent, segments of an interview with Alex are woven in. The special includes segments from several videos, as well as a couple that are full length. Of special interest to me were the several minutes they devoted to the petition in Halifax to get Rush to play there, as well as live footage of Rush playing Halifax that tour, and interviews with fans in my area of the world. **please note that we here in Nova Scotia don't have the heavy accent of the Newfoundlanders that are interviewed. The topics covered in the interviews are diverse and interesting.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Dan D. who trusted me enough to lend me his master tape for this production. Dan taped this show when it aired on Much Music in 1987. At that time, here in Nova Scotia these shows were broadcast in Mono. Therefore this source is mono. Also note that the master tape was recorded on EP mode. I had some concerns about this as the older VHS cassettes get, the more prone they are to develop tracking problems, especially when not recorded in SP mode. I was pleased to see that the tape played well without any tracking problems and I was able to get a nice clean capture. There was some video noise on the extreme horizontal edges of the video, but for the most part this was edited out. The encoding to VCD format went well.

Although the tape was 15 years old, and had probably been played a few times, and was recorded in EP mode, the video was quite clear, and the colours good.? The downfall of this video was the audio. As I mentioned, it is in mono. I would guess from the sound quality that it was not taped on a HiFi stereo deck. Also the sound level was low. I normalized the audio to increase the sound level, and applied a modest amount of noise reduction; just enough to remove a bit of the worst hiss without adversely affecting the sound quality. If you listen in headphones you can hear some washiness in the audio, but this was in the original wav file from the capture, and was not introduced during my audio editing. I converted the audio to 32bit prior to working with it, and then converted it back to 16 bit after I had finished my manipulations. Over all the sound is improved over the original tape. Mind you, the audio is by no means poor. In fact it is quite good and clear, but I just wanted to point out that it is not pristine.

Unless you happened to tape this special yourself, I think you would be hard pressed to find a better looking copy.

Finally, as a bonus, I included a copy of the A Farewell to Kings video. This was not included in the Chronicles DVD, so I thought some people would be interested in seeing it. I've downloaded poor .avi copies of this video in the past that were always very generated. dan d. had taped this video from Much Music and it was included on the same tape. Again, the video is quite good, but suffered from similar sound problems. However, as the audio for this video is identical to the album version, I ripped a copy from CD, slowed it down by 2% to match the speed of the video, and then synched it up with the video. I think it turned out quite well. (Hope I didn't shake anyone up too much by letting it spill that Geddy was lip synching in these old studio vids.

When copying this disc, remember to create a disc image to your hard drive first, and then burn that image to a new disc. Simply doing a data copy will not work. VCDs use a special format. I've created a menu system, and chapters that can be navigated using your remote control. Failure to copy correctly will destroy the chaptering information, as well as the ability to watch this in a standalone DVD player. I strongly recommend using CDRWin to copy this, but I would assume that any software capable of creating disc images should work.? This VCD is available for free trade only and should never be sold.    (2002-07-15)

   (Audio - 8, Video - 8)

I was quite surprised and happy with this VCD. Again Duley did a great job. I had received this show a couple of times on VHS but this is as good or better than any of them. I wasn't sure what to expect given the age but it turns out to be a decent video, looks good, sound OK, I'm really quite happy to have it. I'd love to get it captured to DVD but at this point I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better source. This is a nice Rush special to have and having it in the digital video format, even if it is VCD instead of DVD, is nice. Thanks Duley and great job!   (2004-10-29)

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