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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 49:36, 51:44
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 10987
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Date: November 09, 1987
Location: Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

The Big Money   3:26
Subdivisions   5:17
Limelight   4:45
Marathon   6:35
Turn the Page   4:48
Prime Mover   5:34
Manhattan Project   5:08
Closer to the Heart   4:02
Red Sector A   5:09
Force Ten   4:44

Time Stand Still   5:18
Distant Early Warning   6:23
Lock and Key   6:38
Mission   5:33
Territories   6:25
The Spirit of Radio   3:33
Tom Sawyer   4:46
2112   5:46
La Villa Strangiato   5:05
In the Mood   2:14

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HYF Parts In Motion Front.jpg
HYF Parts In Motion Tray.jpg
HYF Parts In Motion.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

One of the earlier shows from the HYF tour. An excellent performance with the band in good energy so early in the tour. The sound is quite good, very nice mix. The sound gets a little tinny during 'Red Sector A' and warbles a bit during 'Force Ten'. YYZ, Rhythm Method, Red Lenses are missing from this show and Big Money, Spirit of Radio are missing a couple of minutes from each. This is too bad as this is quite a good sounding show and a very good performance. Neil's drums sound great, especially during Territories. Once again Alex decides to have fun with Geddy during Temples of Syrinx. The usual stupid comments, but always different from night to night. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (2001-07-22)

Ron's Rush RoIO Guide

This show is from only two weeks into the HYF tour, and is interesting for several reasons. First, it is obvious that the band is still finding its pace, as a few of the guitar solos are slightly different. Second, the extended version of Closer To The Heart is similar to that done on the PoW tour, not that on ASOH.? The sound is OK, the main problem is that it suffers from "tin can effect." But, its clear, and all instruments are audible.   (1999-04-01)

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