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Visions And Illusions - Version 2.01


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 47:47, 45:41
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-41686-1
Source: Soundboard
Date: April 16, 1986
Location: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:49
The Spirit of Radio   5:06
Limelight   5:06
The Big Money   5:57
New World Man   4:13
Subdivisions   5:50
Manhattan Project   5:38
Middletown Dreams   5:07
Witch Hunt   5:10
Red Sector A   4:51

Closer to the Heart   6:10
Marathon   6:37
The Trees   4:57
Mystic Rhythms   5:27
Distant Early Warning   7:07
Territories   6:26
YYZ   3:21
Drum Solo   5:36

9bc71d22b9cad91d295052154db3c1c8 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t01.shn
ee51607671215fe77852697912ca0e7b *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t02.shn
41035e88c492e6d9370a0ac486ab6dc8 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t03.shn
04b2c6a2bee7d3635948a1214a534345 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t04.shn
76f33a049bdd77442ec1643ceb7ec120 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t05.shn
7c97e9f9a7860d866cdf6d7dfdab809e *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t06.shn
7dd83cab4b955422edf48c45776d7a53 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t07.shn
7343a32f0f6a136b1e44f98fee18acbe *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t08.shn
dd42ed76c32df26a215a3ea748e95cfd *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t09.shn
9c54af4d601650dc3ac6715b69226366 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d1t10.shn

d4b9b6450594459c981fea699aedfd17 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t01.shn
25b2a7b8cff038e5378904d07cc560d9 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t02.shn
86e65c5668a2530f060bf2aabac531bf *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t03.shn
3c4802c04b079425b9b1d6a3dc5a2baa *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t04.shn
a087b0c9856cf844d276e83827c4bf73 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t05.shn
bb14de7679e1cb9bf7bbcdf695e8583d *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t06.shn
981ca6fbe86c60f27edc10fbf38c2999 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t07.shn
d017b9820e3a58b8c0414dd39b736936 *Rush_Visions-Illusions-Ver201_d2t08.shn 

PoW Visions and Illusions V201 Back Thumbnail.jpg
PoW Visions and Illusions V201 Back.jpg
PoW Visions and Illusions V201 Front Thumbnail.jpg
PoW Visions and Illusions V201 Front.jpg
PoW Visions and Illusions V201.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a slightly more expanded soundboard of the show made famous by "Mystic Dreams". I like the sound on this version a bit better than "Mystic Dreams", a little less stale sounding. Taken from a very low generation tape, thus there is virtually no tape hiss. "Red Sector A" still has the same minor cuts as was on Mystic Dreams. "YYZ / Drum Solo" cuts out about a minute too premature, but not severely distracting. All in all a nice performance and everything is very clear, though Alex is low in the overall mix. Because the mix is more centric on Geddy and Neil, you can hear some nice but extremely subtle differences in the keyboard lines during some of the songs. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this recording is only available for free trade. If you find this recording for sale, you are being ripped off!    (2004-04-29)


The remastered version of one of my personal faves, 'Mystic 'Dreams'. The fundamental difference is, the sound is more equalized than its predecessor. Also, more of the show is represented, including (most of) the drum solo.    (2004-04-29)


You?ll never believe this but, this bootleg is ?Mystic Dreams? with?BETTER SOUND! I think Alex is in mix soooo much better. Not only that, it is an expanded set list with ?Manhattan Project? between ?Subdivisions? and ?Middletown Dreams?, and ?Marathon? between ?Closer to the Heart? and ?The Trees? as well as 6 or 7 minutes further into the ?YYZ/Drum Solo? bit. So?better sound than ?Mystic Dreams?, a more complete set list and even better artwork, why is it you don?t have this? The best thing about this the best live recording ?New World Man?. A wonderful investment. However, there is one knock, only in that its not the full show. Until there is a full soundboard Power Windows show this will remain a very top class show. My favorite show from this tour is ?Capture My Thoughts? though. It is a complete show and a much better performance than just about ever show I have ever heard! Still, this is a real top class recording. NON-OFFICIAL LIVE ALBUM TRACKS-New World Man, Middletown Dreams, Territories (all are wonderfully played).    (2004-04-29)


This is the upgrade to the original Visions and Illusions released in April '01, which includes corrections to speed. The one flaw in regards to this, is that Red Sector A plays too slow (approximately 1.8% too slow). The resulting pitch drop is noticeable, and is most easily distingishable when compared to the studio release, or A Show of Hands version. All other tracks' speed appears to be perfect.    (2004-04-29)

   (Audio - 8)

This release is an update to V&I released back in April '01.? Sonically a better sounding source than "Mystic Dreams" and offers a bit more of the recording.? I would rate this as an EX- because it falls just short of being a great recording.? One major flaw....speed was too fast.? In comparing the sequencer intro of RSA from Visions & Illusions to its counterpart (no pun intended) on ASOH, it looks like there is about +/-1.5% difference.? I took this value and applied it to several songs on V&I and the result was good.? I then corrected the speed on CoolEditPro.? I noticed that Geddy's voice to have a nasal tone quality in the recording both during the songs and during his dialogs with the audience.? Did Geddy have a cold?? Who knows?? Few minor edits were made, mostly small clicks and single channel anomalies and such. Lastly YYZ and the Drum Solo were separated.? The original production for V&I was not available in SHN format. So, in addition to the speed correction, I made .SHN files from the master .WAV files after the speed correction.? Many thanks to Grande Kielbasa for his "tuning ears".? Freely available through trading or blank media trades.    (2004-04-29)

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