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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:16, 56:31
Catalog: I-Vent: 1808.37-99
Source: Audience
Date: April 17, 1986
Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Spirit Of Radio
The Big Money
New World Man
Manhattan Project
Witch Hunt
Red Sector A
Closer To The Heart

The Trees
Mystic Rhythms
Distant Early Warning
YYZ/Drum Solo/Red Lenses/Tom Sawyer
2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
Grand Designs / In The Mood
Geddy Speaks (Baltimore Radio)

Maryland 85 bk.jpg
Maryland 86.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6

Lenny's Notes
   (Audio - 6)

This was my first Rush Concert. I loved the energy of the band and how the interacted with the crowd. The guys seemed pretty tight with each song. The taper seemed to be on Alex's side, because Geddy seems distant when he speaks, but each solo is heard perfectly. The fans are annoying, but not enough to mess up the show.    (2001-06-24)

   (Audio - 6)

I?ve heard many things about the I-vent releases (mostly bad) and now I know why. They are pretty bad as far as ?commercial boots? go. Usually the better quality shows get ?released? and the not so great quality shows get slated for tape trading and get worse and worse? I picked up this particular show in a trade mainly since I attended this show (couldn?t get tickets for the night before in Philadelphia which ended up being the source for the Mystic Dreams boot!!) But it was a good show to see!?

The thing about this show is that it may have been a decent quality source closer to the master, so if you can find a copy with less generations, you may have a decent show! You can basically hear everything throughout, even some higher end ride cymbal and hi-hat sounds come across rather nicely, the bass is a bit low in the mix at times and lacks the normal punch, Alex is a bit ?washy? for the most part but you can hear him. The snare is fairly audible throughout the whole show also. However there is a lot of static-like distortion that covers the entire recording. If it weren?t for this noise I think this would be a good show to have! Otherwise I would avoid this unless a better source comes along or it gets fixed somehow. Only recommended for the complete-ist, or if you were there. While the show is listen-able, there are other shows from this tour that are much better sounding.    (2001-06-24)

   (Audio - 6)

A fair sounding show with bass coming through well. Geddy's voice is distant, but most of the instruments come through. You can easily tell I-Vent remastered the original source. It sounds if the highs were boosted a little bit too high for compensation, because the hiss can be overwhelming in some places. I HATE it when major songs are not separately indexed. I could understand YYZ/Drum Solo/Red Lenses (portion) being indexed as one, but they throw Tom Sawyer in it as well. Geddy does mention the town, so it's Baltimore. Nothing really exciting happens tonight. I gave it a VG rating on an "As-Is" basis. I think if someone got a lower gen tape and remastered it properly, it would easily be a VG+ show.    (2000-12-01)

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