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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 69:01, 79:43, 14:19
Catalog: Duley Digital: 020925-1002
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: September 25, 2002
Location: Coors Amphitheater, Chula Vista, California, USA

Tom Sawyer   5:16
Distant Early Warning   5:02
New World Man   4:08
Roll The Bones   6:39
Earthshine   5:42
YYZ   5:03
The Pass   5:08
Bravado   6:23
The Big Money   6:24
The Trees   5:02
Freewill   5:38
Natural Science   8:36

One Little Victory   6:06
Driven   5:13
Ghost Rider   5:53
Secret Touch   7:07
Dreamline   5:15
Red Sector A   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   4:59
The Rhythm Method   8:35
Resist - Acoustic version   4:17
2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx   6:55
Limelight   4:41
La Villa Strangiato   10:13
The Spirit of Radio   5:09

Bytor and the Snow Dog   5:36
Cygnus X-1   3:15
Working Man   5:27

VT ATLtB Back Insidetray.jpg
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VT ATLtB Back.jpg
VT ATLtB Front Fatboy.jpg
VT ATLtB Front Insidetray.jpg
VT ATLtB Front Slim.jpg
VT ATLtB Front Thumbnail.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

   (Audio - 8)

This is a great sounding show, marred only by a couple small dropouts and a phasing effect that is common with the recordings at outdoor venues on this tour. The effect is caused by wind and air movement that you don't get at indoor venues. Notwithstanding the phasing effect, the mix is a good one, and well captured by the taper. The sound remains pretty consistent throughout the entire show, getting just slightly better as the show proceeds. Audience noise is minimal, with only the occasional scream or comment by a nearby fan, usually only between songs.

The only real flaws in the recording were brief dropouts during Driven and Dreamline. However, both dropouts were short and I was able to cover these up fairly well. Unless you are listening intently looking for an anomaly it's likely you won't notice where the edits were done.? A good performance by the band. Alex's rant is humorous as usual, and is about animals that like the blues, hence the name of this release, as suggested by the taper. Note that there appears to have been some problem with the intro on this evening, and the band simply came out on stage and launched into Tom Sawyer. It also appears that Alex had a problem of some sort at the start of his Dreamline solo as there is a significant delay before he starts it. For the most part however, the band is right on.

The taper of this show wishes to remain anonymous, but I would like to extend my personal thanks to him for both capturing a quality recording of this performance, and for providing me with a straight copy of the raw recording to remaster. The recording is spread over 3 discs at the taper's request, with the 2 sets on separate discs, and the encore on the 3rd disc. In my opinion, one of the better sounding recordings from the Vapor Trails tour.

Equipment: Sound Pro Slimline cardioids AT853s >> Sony TCD-D100 >> Delta DiO 2496?

Remastering: Cool Edit Pro - 48k 16bit => 44.1k => 32 bit => .wav file editing => 16 bit => CDWave => SHN

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