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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 78.34, 79.14
Catalog: DutchRush Productions: 2002-01
Source: Audience (DAT)
Date: July 06, 2002
Location: Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:51
Tom Sawyer   4:48
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:02
Roll the Bones   6:40
Earthshine   5:34
YYZ   4:46
The Pass   5:05
Bravado   6:13
The Big Money   6:17
Between Sun & Moon   4:43
Vital Signs   5:04
Natural Science   8:46
One Little Victory   5:33
Driven   5:16

Ghost Rider   6:07
Secret Touch   6:56
Dreamline   5:08
Red Sector A   5:17
Leave That Thing Alone   4:51
Drum Solo   7:33
Resist   4:06
2112:Overture / The Temple of Syrinx   6:53
Limelight   4:31
La Villa Strangiato   9:05
The Spirit of Radio   6:05
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:23
Cygnus X-1   3:06
Working Man   5:13

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Sunrise in The Mirror Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

   (Audio - 8)

This is a good recording from the second week of the Vapor Trails tour. Original this was a raw 3 disc set. After some time, and many requests we thought it was time to master this source. The only minor is that songs 14 and15 from disc 1 and songs 1,2,3,4,5 from disc 2, for some reason are recorded in Mp3 mode. These songs used to be disc 2 of the raw version. However it?s hardly noticeable. After the mastering it came out very well. We hope you all will enjoy it. Special thanks to RT for letting us master the show and Norbert for mastering. Not for sale, only for trade. Keep the spirit of trading alive!    (2002-10-13)

   (Audio - 10)

Being my first Rush concert, I decided I should pick this one up. When I finally found it and got it, I put it in my stereo and was amazed! I thought it was awesome that I could relive the moment and I'd forgotton how funny Alex's rant was! Overall excellent sound quality exept for the little jump in Roll The Bones (hardly noticeable, just edits the be- in "because it happens"). Not for sale, keep the spirit of trading alive! Endlessly Rocking...    (2004-12-05)

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