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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 67:25, 58:02, 32:49
Catalog: Unknown:
Source: Audience / Scanner
Date: July 20, 2002
Location: Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

Three Stooges Intro/Tom Sawyer   5:37
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:02
Roll The Bones   6:13
Earthshine   6:06
YYZ   4:32
The Pass   5:22
Bravado   6:11
The Big Money   5:49
Between Sun and Moon   5:13
Vital Signs   4:44
Natural Science   8:13
Geddy   0:27

One Little Victory   5:49
Driven   5:15
Ceiling Unlimited   6:00
Secret Touch   6:53
Dreamline   5:06
Red Sector A   5:15
Leave That Thing Alone/The Rhythm Method   12:02
Resist   4:56
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:45

Limelight   4:36
La Villa Strangiato   9:24
The Spirit of Radio   5:13
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:10
Cygnus X-1/Working Man   8:26

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Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7)

This is the first "soundboard" (I use this term loosely) to openly surface from the VT tour.? Traders were exchanging this show around October '02 when a trader, John T., posted a message on DATHeads that he had a VT Soundboard.? Many discussions were held on the DRE Newsgroup and ESighnals2112 group about this recording.? The taper claims that this recording is from an ALD (Assisted Listening Device) captured by a FM Scanner.? Here are some quotes from various discussions about this recording:

-Actually, it was reported on DRE that the Chicago Tweeter Center doesn't have ALD. This recording is most definitely a scanner recording from Alex's ear piece feed, as evidenced by how loud Alex's background vocals are in the mix. Similar to Stolen Signals.

-It's not a scanner recording, it's an ALD recording. I know the taper, it's ALD. I have other shows from the same guy, all ALD...

-However, if this show is an ALD feed, wouldn't we be hearing the same feed that's coming out of the house speakers? If it's not Alex's feed, then why are the guitars so loud and why are we hearing Alex's background vocals louder than Geddy's LEAD vocals?? As far as believing what I read on DRE, the post in question stated that the poster himself called Tweeter Center in the Chicago area and that they said that they are not equipped with an ALD system, which, I'd imagine, would make it rather difficult to record an ALD feed. It occurs to me that the person who left that post would have had no reason whatsoever to lie about the phone call in question. In addition, there is another post stating that the taper himself said that this is a scanner recording.? It's quite likely, in fact, that it IS a scanner picking up Alex's ear monitor feed.

-Retract my last comment, the taper doesn't even know what he did, but I'm trying to find out exactly, again.?

-Ok, it looks like we were both right. Here's the scoop from the taper:? "actually it is both....Tweeter Center uses the XXXXmghz ALD system and not the XXXmghz ALD system....I combined the ALD signal along with Alex frequency (at that time) of XXXX......."

There are more quotes in DRE NG and ESignals2112 if anyone wanted to read them more thoroughly.? However, few things came out of these discussions. Although the executive director of Tweeter Center (Tinley Park, IL) has verified that TC does not have an ALD system, someone's still claiming that this recording is a partial ALD and partial Alex's ear feed mix. Who knows what the truth is, right?

Moving onto the recording itself...? Personally, I do NOT like scanner types of recordings. They are very dry, sterile and in most cases, MONO.? The overall mix is flat and very compressed, the sound is very hollow and always have a tendency to sound very shrill-like.? The first 2 songs were taken from an AUD recording to make this a full show.? Track indices are not correct and some songs are lumped into one track as in Cygnus X-1 and Working Man.? There's some reception static noise during The Big Money (loud one) and few other small reception static throughout.? I rated this recording a VG+ overall, but some people may rate it higher due to clarity.? I would have enjoyed this recording matrixed with a good AUD source any day over a raw scanner, but that's my personal taste.?


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