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Cincinnati Unlimited


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 79:39, 79:55
Catalog: C. S. Productions: CSP14/15
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: August 04, 2002
Location: Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Three Stooges Intro.   0:39
Tom Sawyer   4:53
Distant Early Warning   4:54
New World Man   4:04
Roll The Bones   6:46
Earthshine   5:36
YYZ   5:04
The Pass   -4:57
Bravado   6:10
The Big Money   6:31
Between Sun And Moon   4:38
Vital Signs   5:02
Natural Science   8:34
One Little Victory   6:36
Driven   5:07

Ceiling Unlimited   5:57
Secret Touch   6:44
Dreamline   5:11
Red Sector A   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   4:53
Drum Solo   8:14
Resist   4:01
2112:Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx   6:53
Limelight   4:30
La Villa Strangiato   8:35
The Spirit Of Radio   6:47
Bytor And The Snowdog   4:29
Cygnus X-1   3:09
Working Man   5:07

aa49ad52d94011985523ec3ea25ab782 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t01.shn
193edb616bc0c70621b3a804d746049d *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t02.shn
84b6658693429a97a9fdb8fed16c7aec *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t03.shn
1476046d6f8dfe9bc639a1ac878165c8 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t04.shn
afd54abec0e63e4e95923eaef6b36877 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t05.shn
9bca107f0cadc02565d2d78c02f22d2c *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t06.shn
04ae27ca1a2afa1362dd7cabc93a57fa *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t07.shn
47a266a1fea24b6d5415cd7925f98e21 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t08.shn
5164130a456cbe99eeee7cac390956cb *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t09.shn
fdcca2b9233394efe503a65d866e5fd2 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t10.shn
cefa0f6f1c479d93498ea6b9627cd8c4 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t11.shn
e274c37224903ff6e56ba6ac51204ace *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t12.shn
bcd1eee2ec0b079596de05dd31d35328 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t13.shn
46e79c1e8c5e3c038a3a811ef4d00d37 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t14.shn
cead1b9df20341a6f44d94ef08c8d1a6 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d1t15.shn 

6840dd68ad2f45085a4aa7cca06bfcf9 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t01.shn
3d279e11540bde98cedee16a97578132 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t02.shn
ae474e55117431f490cb5fa59eb932f5 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t03.shn
8925dd067cba9a07765cabf8b118a2c7 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t04.shn
17b44cb24648e4fcfa64b7d0796d1c04 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t05.shn
d5f95f02eaf98e4d8636da09b97f0b50 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t06.shn
83eb32e293c3d718b24966f95a2d0a01 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t07.shn
f0e7ea87b7f58fd7bcda47552dfdf61f *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t08.shn
8d8208f9541b397a8395831736d4a57e *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t09.shn
efc5f310210426167b12912cce61a218 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t10.shn
862a89e89a31d72db6d2eab338d038b3 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t11.shn
95f7b032825e3f74dc8cba5596f855b6 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t12.shn
e7336f937f3b7a4b97a3702dfd4684cf *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t13.shn
313101f3c6c670dd70b1476cf25bc8a0 *Rush_2002-08-04_CinUn_d2t14.shn 

VT Cincinnati Unlimited Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT Cincinnati Unlimited Back.jpg
VT Cincinnati Unlimited Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Cincinnati Unlimited Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.25

Taper's Notes
   (Audio - 7.5)

O.K., well the artwork is not much but I wanted to just get this done and considering that I do not have much time these days, well here is the first Rush release from C.S.P. The show sounds really good although there was some movement from myself that causes the sound to shift from time to time but overall, I'd have to say that this is near A quality. The crowd is very polite for this one and where I was located was about 15th row center, so you can imagine that it can't be that bad to listen to this.

It was definitely nice to see Rush again for the first time in almost six years and to finally have a chance to tape them as well. This show is complete (minus a few seconds on the intro.) and comes from the master DAT recording using Sound Pro cardioid mics. Enjoy.    (2003-09-25)

   (Audio - 7)

?    (2003-10-05)

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