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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 79:53, 79:31
Catalog: C.S. Productions: CSP18/19
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: August 08, 2002
Location: Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Three Stooges Intro.   0:52
Tom Sawyer   4:56
Distant Early Warning   4:59
New World Man   4:06
Roll The Bones   6:49
Earthshine   5:36
YYZ   4:59
The Pass   -4:58
Bravado   6:12
The Big Money   6:35
Between Sun And Moon   4:47
Vital Signs   5:00
Natural Science   8:27
One Little Victory   6:17
Driven   5:14

Ceiling Unlimited   6:07
Secret Touch   7:06
Dreamline   5:12
Red Sector A   5:21
Leave That Thing Alone   4:57
Drum Solo   8:03
Resist   4:06
2112:Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx   6:54
Limelight   4:32
La Villa Strangiato   8:36
The Spirit Of Radio   5:11
Bytor And The Snowdog   4:48
Cygnus X-1   3:12
Working Man   5:20

33fe014fab698887b494cd91e5a689a3 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T01.shn
317223d667dabf35e642a67ffcec3a76 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T02.shn
9fe2544d5e87119be4df7ad85e00a270 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T03.shn
d0b249fb4e16672b8217a9cb3d2bae21 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T04.shn
9bee9fe312260f4208634c5a5c9489fd *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T05.shn
639137bb00cebc543e2e15540028ba2f *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T06.shn
aaa488b134c942264461a38bd0a4fa45 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T07.shn
6a09feec40bb879a816638be21f60bff *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T08.shn
a320024f34a5c723c4a2575ecde48423 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T09.shn
458fb3fb4ab172a530a6dc7cfd2eba92 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T10.shn
6fc18c5e1868d30bdea30631c29c7f97 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T11.shn
94493342887d873063883d520b9a64d8 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T12.shn
afc6c4525bb299f919be2878fd6cf109 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T13.shn
ae44c12dc7e47ab7adc2d1868c5bb409 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T14.shn
8d5c788170111d5c4f7d567cb4b806b3 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D01T15.shn

48effad6697f160c15c24f3bf9e95991 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T01.shn
6ffbd80ae682b6bb9779314ada1eaf14 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T02.shn
b5216a291525c63a67f06959d0b41d67 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T03.shn
9ca40cd88404e97233bba10b67c5036c *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T04.shn
5a84e29bb1d444814492a5ab19ac769a *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T05.shn
0fe40762db4cc56ad51e178340014af7 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T06.shn
cc456ecbe575a5180981273af5adf8ea *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T07.shn
320c96946368c8d3c50f36b97199dbd5 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T08.shn
ef32c1d392a1e01629ccc2221c9e87b5 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T09.shn
7178bd9d5acdf4a99a0e930032e4c36a *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T10.shn
42d2d8296f61a2722035409f75befdd1 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T11.shn
1641d3c62238c06fb4c16e5d7cda8f29 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T12.shn
a05b3664a4ae53057a8dd0372fecb008 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T13.shn
ea9ccb3536b37dcce96527b523d01e96 *2002-08-08 Trails to Polaris D02T14.shn 

2002 08 08 Trails to Polaris Back Cover.jpg
2002 08 08 Trails to Polaris Front Cover.jpg
VT Trails to Polaris Back.jpg
VT Trails to Polaris Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Trails to Polaris Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

C.S. Productions
   (Audio - 8)

Although I thought I would never find time to finish this, I managed to finally get the Columbus show completed.? The artwork was done by me again but it's the first one from scratch that I really liked.? It isn't much but it works for me and for the most part, I am not trying to impress anyone by being an artist.

The show itself had issues, mainly due to crowd noise, like the "happy clappy" in front of me, and I thought that it may have ruined the sound.? There was a lot of movement due to this issue as well and at some points I became very frustrated. Especially during Driven, there's an incident, which I don't care to mention, that caused security to walk right in front of me. Needless to say, I nearly had a heart attack and as a result you do get some "drop outs" here and there.

I'd say overall this is an excellent recording and despite some setbacks, I was pleasantly surprised while listening to this in my truck. Although, I will never be totally satisfied, I would at least rate this an A- recording.? It was taped from the 22nd row or so from the left side next to Alex and is sourced from the master DAT tape using Sound Pro cardioid mics. This show is complete and comes on two 80 min. discs which nearly fit.? As a result about one minute of crowd noise only was cut before the encore in order to fit. Well, there you have it, another fine show.? Enjoy.    (2003-09-01)

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