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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 78:37, 79:33
Catalog: One Lone Duck Productions: 81102-OLD
Source: Audience
Date: August 11, 2002
Location: DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, Michigan, USA

3 Stooges Theme   0:44
Tom Sawyer   4:55
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:05
Roll The Bones   6:07
Earthshine   6:11
YYZ   4:39
The Pass   5:14
Bravado   6:06
The Big Money (cut)   5:58
Between Sun And Moon   5:09
Vital Signs   4:50
Natural Science   8:18
One Little Victory   6:13
Driven   5:12

Ceiling Unlimited   6:01
Secret Touch   6:54
Dreamline   5:24
Red Sector A   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   5:00
The Rhythm Method   7:42
Resist   4:59
2112: Overture   4:27
2112: Temples Of Syrinx   2:21
Limelight   4:30
La Villa Strangiato   8:37
The Spirit Of Radio   5:01
By-Tor And the Snow Dog   4:32
Cygnus X-1   3:28
Working Man   5:18

51857bfc4f04e519dca10aca08d7d058 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t01.shn
4ab270c078373b378981774b4c294c43 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t02.shn
3b68f006759513b8f4d53cc42d1c86bd *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t03.shn
77fbbeaa9866a11d14b8a726640cdb55 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t04.shn
dc3a6b6f84f769650bc029abca101ce5 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t05.shn
06c696d60028b3eb37ce92e7b27ecacf *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t06.shn
8111370c219943d99b9e0ba63e2da77c *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t07.shn
fcd58000db07ee6d58b2a1e85de5560a *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t08.shn
6d25dff22b7ae676404d5039670cc9e4 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t09.shn
4283d97277546ce0c6b6e3de9ce8d550 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t10.shn
1ed06ea125cbc40a396340ec5cbc3004 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t11.shn
4a4be984c290bb4dfd9e9ede0a516622 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t12.shn
318c991c06f057e528a1e0f60d6c068c *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t13.shn
e812977d3ef67406338ebd81b23067e2 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t14.shn
4eb2b5911acc13f362ce2f6623779aa7 *Rush_2002-08-11_d1t15.shn 

e6b757cc88ac6544d7708a03af0b2b16 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t01.shn
851a6c17bf332d95e4644614503cff32 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t02.shn
ab3f0b0a886e57eb4c7f28e3b207d25a *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t03.shn
20102eaa7f55653ced8dd6608b949dc2 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t04.shn
b48dd217c8f2b0aa63984e32ced96595 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t05.shn
8317e47076578c8724468a0feee8344d *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t06.shn
a1ceeb2890e81f8bcb1d2725439e2dca *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t07.shn
af450d3b2f95c9fbdbfb2a2b4afc3393 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t08.shn
b5184f400f1f4d588a28e7c280fb8cf5 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t09.shn
70c9f818a06aee8212eec8fef6348712 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t10.shn
b72ff818a103d7a57221fd1cfd6a267e *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t11.shn
98f30b99bcc48b132a257f9c560ed6a7 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t12.shn
fa3be5b5e615686cb8f14ed591e475ce *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t13.shn
06d494d3bc83b267d36c79321ac496a0 *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t14.shn
6dc59e2a09d8ff242c89a2ce73255d4e *Rush_2002-08-11_d2t15.shn 

VT The Dragon Grows Too Mighty Back.jpg
VT The Dragon Grows Too Mighty Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT The Dragon Grows Too Mighty Front.jpg
VT The Dragon Grows Too Mighty Tray.jpg
VT The Dragon Grows Too Mighty.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.75

Taper's Notes
   (Audio - 8.5)

Jrny_fan2:? This performance was recorded from Row N Seat 11 Left Center with a Sony TCS580V stereo cassette recorder with dual built in microphone system. Mastered from the analog tape masters using a Kenwood KX-570 cassette deck. Minor editing was performed using DC Art and indexed with CDWav. Master discs burned with Hewitt Packard CD-Writer Plus 9100 series using Easy CD creator 5.0 Platinum Edition.??    (2002-10-18)

   (Audio - 7)

This is the first analogue recording I received for the VT tour.? I've been so used to digital recordings that have recently surfaced that it took a while for me to adjust to that "analogue" sound. There is an overall lack of the punchy-ness and the crispness in the mix, with the overall mix being somewhat compressed.? However, the show is pretty good. Set 2 sounds much better than Set 1. The warm sound reminds me of some of the T4E analogue shows from the '96/'97 era.? The mix is balanced mostly throughout the show with some fluctuations here and there and some phasing.? There are some mic overloads during the show when the band really hits those heavy notes.? I rated the sound quality for this somewhere around VG+.? There are 2 noticeable cuts in the recording (as expected with cassette tape flipping) and they are:? beginning of The Big Money and end of the Drum Solo. Performance wise, it sounds like Rush had a very good 2 night run at the DTE Theatre. (Isn't this the old Pine Knob?)? Alex played very well this night, IMO.? Jrny_fan2 has allowed me to perform the WAV > SHN conversion so here are the details:? CDR (from taper) > EAC > CoolEditPro (for overall .WAV checking) > MKW (SHN)    (2002-12-08)

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