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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 61:32, 62:46
Catalog: Duley Digital: DD-R920129-A
Source: Analog Master cassettes
1st gen vhs
Date: January 29, 1992
Location: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA

Intro   0:56
Force Ten   4:42
Limelight   4:24
Freewill   4:03
Distant Early Warning   4:30
Time Stand Still   6:16
Dreamline   5:02
Bravado   7:01
Roll The Bones   6:07
Show Don't Tell   6:18
The Big Money   6:43
Ghost of a Chance   5:28

Subdivisions   4:15
The Pass   4:50
Where's My Thing   5:12
The Rhythm Method   7:28
Closer to the Heart   4:54
Xanadu   6:17
Superconductor   5:10
Tom Sawyer   6:16
The Spirit of Radio   4:56
2112   3:21
Finding My Way   2:08
La Villa Strangiato   3:17
Anthem   1:44
Red Barchetta   1:35
The Spirit of Radio   1:22

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030abba41d1804bed04acd50a26ca522 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d1t09.flac
748a7067e1b912ba5087a5e71403c69d *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d1t10.flac
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03d87a600c1f982a2f2a507ead41da97 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d1t12.flac

Disc 2

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8f83eff7ff096179bc4503a62f7ed4ea *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t02.flac
46365df46bd46d717aff53ac90464192 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t03.flac
d15f3e52eaa7d62ace0cf208746af2df *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t04.flac
514bef6a0257992e4363cc38deb7d1e4 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t05.flac
8adfd1d934c5cdc6de403f19762f427b *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t06.flac
b2fe7d53b86ac28140f78eaa4fc8f60a *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t07.flac
2b9ff7f148fa894573bae5753e0bcb73 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t08.flac
ae2ece4328f8a2e2fb49bf8d1ed9a841 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t09.flac
b2931b2fb8a628ef50343e61c65ae00e *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t10.flac
b4b9a715454ad27c7e52eaf6e4159ffb *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t11.flac
83433de7f625f7d2d77902dae8ebcfb3 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t12.flac
c567b2de54bbc00e5b876e0414931b28 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t13.flac
448e41602f5752d59436beee4bac5687 *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t14.flac
5138f873864272419ee769bf8664215c *Rush_1992-01-29_BBTB_d2t15.flac

Rush BalloonsByTheBay CD gatefold.jpg
Rush BalloonsByTheBay CD rear.jpg
Rush BalloonsByTheBay CD tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

   (Audio - 7.5)

WARNING: May not be suitable for family listening due to some vulgar language used a couple times by an audience member sitting close to the taper. Not frequent, but present.

The source of this release was a pair of master analog cassette tapes lent to me by the taper. The audio cassettes ran an average of 3% too fast. At first I tried to correct this by slowing the audio down by 3%. At this point I discovered that the speed problem wasn't uniform. In fact, at the first of each tape side, the music ran about 2.3% too fast, but by the end of a tape side it was running 3.1% too fast. What I ended up doing was working a track at a time (and in the case of longer songs - dividing the track into two halves) and adjusting the speed of each track as appropriate.

Unfortunately, the taper had some problems after his first tape flip, so a portion of the show was not recorded. I used the audio from a first gen video to fill in this missing part of the concert. Unfortunately, the audio from the video tape is clipped and distorted, and therefore not of the same quality as the audio recording. However, I felt it better to have a complete recording of this show, even if a few songs in the middle were of lesser quality. Right after Roll the Bones ends, I switched to using the audio from the VHS. I did some remastering of this audio to try to somewhat reduce the clipping/distortion of that source. Luckily, by half way through "Where's My Thing?" the audio taper had things under control again, so I was able to go back to using his audio. There is also a 30 second period at the end of The Trees when I have to revert back to the VHS audio during a tape change.

The master audience recording was a fairly nice sounding recording. Some of the mid frequencies were a bit strong and harsh, but it had a nice bottom end, and a pretty good mix, as all the instruments came through clearly. I did some EQ to try to bring out the positives of the recording, and bury some of the negatives. No noise reduction was used on either source.

There is a fair amount of crowd noise, but mostly just between songs. There is a very vocal concertgoer close to the taper who provides commentary during the show, but again just between songs. You can tell he is an avid fan, as he makes comments that show he is very familiar with the material. I love his comment right after the end of Time Stand Still. My kids made me play it back to them a couple times while they laughed. I even considered using this comment as the title for this release, but eventually went another way.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the significance of the title of this release, you'll need to see the video to understand how I decided on the title.    (2004-07-28)

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