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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 78:35, 79:43
Catalog: Rush-Signals Production: #RSP-020824-1
Source: Audience (DAT Clone)
Date: August 24, 2002
Location: Fiddler, Denver, Colorado, USA

Tom Sawyer   5:25
Distant Early Warning   4:53
New World Man   4:01
Roll The Bones   6:20
Earthshine   5:31
YYZ   4:44
The Pass   5:01
Bravado   6:07
The Big Money   6:07
Between Sun and Moon   4:53
Vital Signs   4:53
Natural Science   9:57
One Little Victory   5:31
Driven   5:12

Ceiling Unlimited   5:58
Secret Touch   6:54
Dreamline   5:20
Red Sector A   5:16
Leave That Thing Alone   4:55
The Rhythm Method   7:53
Resist - Acoustic version   4:33
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:47
Limelight   4:29
La Villa Strangiato   9:00
The Spirit of Radio   5:23
Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:46
Cygnus X-1   3:08
Working Man   5:21

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mile high fiddlers back.jpg
mile high fiddlers front inside.jpg
mile high fiddlers front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.833333333333334

   (Audio - 9)

I really looked forward to getting this show because I heard it was something special, and also BECAUSE I WAS THERE! That doesn?t happen for me much so I am a happy boy! Well, it did not disappoint. This recording is remarkably in your face. This recording is really impressive because it is outdoors so you don?t get that ?overblown? sound you get so often with indoor shows, but the taper must have been very close because this is not distant like some outdoor shows. Just right for me. It is mixed (although not deliberately) so it sounds like the extra bass feature on your CD player is on already. Every instrument comes though crystal clear with wonderful separation. It even captures all the overdubs magnificently; rarely will an audience show reveal so much detail as this one does. This is almost like scanner feed type of detail we are talking about! This is so detailed that it captures natural echo! This is good stuff! Listen to the drum solo and tell me this is not a soundboard! Heck, listen to ?Resist? and tell me this is not a professional release! Even on bad stereo equipment this will sound good. There are some releases that sound really good, and then there are some releases that have a very nice sound to them...this is both! I love the sound of this show! Geddy?s bass sounds especially wonderful tonight, but this whole recording is so powerful and in your face.

As for the performance I remember it was pretty good for the first part of the show, but the audience was so dead that it didn?t really get great until the second half of the show, which got really, really good. The first half of the show was just fine and sometimes it was spectacular. Like I remember ?Earthshine? being awesome and after listening again, I think I was correct, in my opinion it is the best I have heard so far! ?Vital Signs? is also really good. That reminds me, the reason that the crowd is in the mix just right is probably credit to the taper but also I bet it had a lot to do with the crowd not making much noise! However, the boys really gave it to us in the second half. I also remember that during the second half of the show Geddy was so enthusiastic that it elevated the bands playing, which in turn elevated the crowd. ?One Little Victory? is really good. ?Driven? features Geddy going mad on the bass solo. ?Secret Touch? is insane tonight, I remember Geddy really getting into it, making faces and bouncing up and down (it was fun to watch!), this version is not only the best I have heard so far, it is going to be very hard to surpass! This version of ?Limelight? is magical, Alex is the star here as his guitar just chainsaws its way through the song. ?The Spirit of Radio? also sparkles on this night.? The only imperfections are the two extremely brief cuts in ?Roll the Bones? and towards the end of that song the wind blows hard making it sound distant and hollow for about 15 seconds, other than that an absolutely flawless show! In short, this (at least to me) has elevated the standards of ?Vapor Trails? bootlegs; it is the best sounding show I have heard so far!??    (2002-10-01)

   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a great recording, a bit muted in the raw format. The remaster's EQ did a good job of bringing up the needed crispness of the source.? There's a bit of scuffle during RTB which was due to the taper's movement to avoid security perhaps.? Overall, this is an excellent recording and highly recommended.? Two MAJOR flaws in the remaster which led to a lengthy discussion on the DRE newsgroup board.? There are 2 problems on? "Roll The Bones" track 04 Disc one : 02:05 - 02:06 - 02:07 : Major Digital "Skip" and 03:25 - 03:26 During the "Rap" - Major Digital Static POP!"? Seems as if the DAT>cdr clone introduced some errors which showed up on this production.? Errors consist of digital pops/skips and cuts in the song WHICH ARE NOT ON THE MASTER.? Hopefully, Rush Signals can remedy this by getting a DAT > cdr without those errors. Equipment: MBHO KA200N> JK Labs DVC V-12> M1?

Update:? A re-do of Disc 1 is now in circulation, so the 2 above mentioned defects are not present.    (2002-11-10)

Dave@Rush-Signals Productions
   (Audio - 9)

This is one of those shows that made me really want to listen to the show with enthusiasm. For being outdoors this show has a serious tightness about it, almost "0" crowd noise or clapping during songs. The instruments are very clear and distinguishable from one another, even Geddy's bass sounds great! Only two flaws to the shows, at the beginning of Roll The Bones the taper had to move and it caused some minor glitches in a few places. The other problem, being consistent with outdoors venues, is the slight phase shifting at times from the wind in the venue. Available for trade, 2:1 or whatever!    (2002-10-01)

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