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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:50, 71:01, 13:43
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-069
Source: Audience (DAT Clone)
Date: September 08, 2002
Location: GM Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

3 Stooges Intro   0:50
Tom Sawyer   4:48
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:02
Roll the Bones   6:05
Earthshine   6:48
YYZ   4:45
The Pass   5:12
Bravado   6:13
The Big Money   6:1
Between Sun and Moon   5:03
Freewill   4:35
Natural Science   8:22

One Little Victory   5:38
Driven   5:05
Ghost Rider   5:50
Secret Touch   6:56
Dreamline   5:12
Red Sector A   5:16
Leave That Thing Alone   4:56
Drum Solo   8:40
Resist   4:27
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:53
Limelight   4:35
La Villa Strangiato   9:14
The Spirit of Radio   5:12

Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:59
Cygnus X-1   3:10
Working Man   5:34

cab5d14f88d1f23cc7ea94fa14519204 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T01 3 Stooges Intro.shn
dbff7150cb8941ee489149c557f609fc *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T02 Tom Sawyer.shn
ad76f2d5572e71741483d3b4dc211fe3 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T03 Distant Early Warning.shn
9ccf45e8f024717e7a2cad3e284692ba *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T04 New World Man.shn
f40cd5dbb6ea4454620d3a6b3e6236fb *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T05 Roll the Bones.shn
db3fa1a69f83f6042c342168e1798f8f *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T06 Earthshine.shn
d7ff9be4527951f03862928f28fb8a85 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T07 YYZ.shn
89c5c5746544fc6a7c8a1e41d8cc2bf1 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T08 The Pass.shn
146b85363a7c8a309ea8a26b7f6180e0 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T09 Bravado.shn
c8630f25221e8ddd22d6c234ebf020f3 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T10 The Big Money.shn
685b7c365275b7a275b384fa6d013601 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T11 Between Sun and Moon.shn
579f6c093b745a5d99376f32dea4a9e6 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T12 Freewill.shn
253878e5538208fc6cc6cce933a96ebc *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D1T13 Natural Sceince.shn

0e60e4cf7e8cbcf584a112470d5b33ed *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T01 One Little Victory.shn
4b403a4a65000146edad27940245e22e *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T02 Driven.shn
b3acc3c73c2d8ff889d0817c34c3989d *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T03 Ghost Rider.shn
21f1aa30765962e77d3e393c5c87a510 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T04 Secret Touch.shn
3c9f39358e8c7f7d500edc3205f22542 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T05 Dreamline.shn
27e6ca3153e5ba9a72a6eaae3bc72e23 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T06 Red Sector A.shn
8dd2256254b3750a3f543c6489c14d40 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T07 Leave That Thing Alone.shn
d4528dd28b5afde6400bfb9d95df989a *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T08 Drum Solo.shn
f6f680651da13d3f7d6f15240c376dac *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T09 Resist.shn
88180e294caeff6dd242c46ab6d1a577 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T10 2112 Overturn The Temples of Syrinx.shn
82a37f7919b060b5d253f45a1463e1eb *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T11 Limelight.shn
f028bb3152dd65b052e0f10277f0c29e *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T12 La Villa Strangiato.shn
a9f1abebfe4f1059317a89de8a93e933 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D2T13 The Spirit of Radio.shn

3e7571f7f9761f4f727cf976f269d74e *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D3T01 ByTor and the Snow Dog.shn
3e7c5bdceb542f06cc9dadf1586f7b99 *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D3T02 Cygnus X-1.shn
33a4d46f70843f4cf23932753ea24f7a *Rush - Reeking Havoc SMP-069 D3T03 Working Man.shn

VT Reeking Havoc Back.jpg
VT Reeking Havoc Front Fatboy.jpg
VT Reeking Havoc Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Reeking Havoc Front.jpg
VT Reeking Havoc.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.25

   (Audio - 7.5)

After my first listen to this release I knew Cabin Music would have his hands full. This turned out to be an above average release, but great when considering the source used. It sounds as if the taper missed the 'sweet spot'. It can sound a little distant at times, but the crowd is well behaved. Bass is strong, but not muddy like some of the earlier shows that surfaced. It appears that Alex is glad to be back home by the way he's playing, and of course his rant. Special thanks to all our Canadian fans that provided inspiration, suggestions, and translation for the artwork. I would have to say this was the funnest project I've help with to date.? This release is not for sale.? For free trade only!!    (2003-03-16)

   (Audio - 7)

The beauty of this show is that it's both an audio *and* visual treat, eh. Those hosers at Simple Man Productions did a beauty job on this one. I know there were a lot of problems present in the source tape and the final product is a huge improvement. Nice job. The band and crowd were high energy that night and this recording captures the mood well.

As stated above, the artwork by Daneck is totally awesome, eh. What a hoot! And not just because it's written in a language I can finally understand. It's a must have for hosers everywhere. I smile and laugh every time I look at it - it's so funny! I think Alex would be proud, eh.

All in all, I'd give this show a solid 6.9.? So everyone, Take Off!! and get this show now, eh.    (2003-03-16)

Production notes by Cabin Music

I've been working on the source now off and on for probably the past two months. It came to me with many flaws. There were periods of "static" in several places. These were caused by a variety of reasons, depending on who you ask. It might have been a loose mic connection, it might have been introduced in the original cloning process or gremlins might have done it. 99% of the static was eliminated in the remastering but it is there on occasion. In addition, every so often the sound in one channel or another gets muffled. Like it is being covered up with a coat collar or perhaps a hand? Regardless it can be a bit annoying. I was able to eliminate some of this but not all. However the show is not all bad and has many bright spots. The band themselves play exceptionally well this night. Geddy is a little more talkative than normal. The guitar solo in Bravado is perhaps one of the best of the tour, Alex's rant is entertaining as always, there is a nice mix of instruments, the stereo effect is pretty nice and the artwork is great. Even if you don't get the show, get the artwork. It is worth the price of admission alone!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect, will be posted to shortly and will be traded freely to all comers.    (2003-02-28)

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