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Gorge Rider


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 67:47, 79:07, 13:30
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-006
Source: Audience (DAT)
Date: September 14, 2002
Location: The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:48
Tom Sawyer   4:53
Distant Early Warning   4:57
New World Man   4:06
Roll The Bones   6:07
Earthshine   6:11
YYZ   4:46
The Pass   5:12
Bravado   6:17
The Big Money   6:11
Between Sun and Moon   4:54
Vital Signs   4:54
Natural Science   8:29

One Little Victory   5:31
Driven   5:21
Ceiling Unlimited   5:57
Secret Touch   6:59
Dreamline   5:12
Red Sector A   5:17
Leave That Thing Alone   4:49
The Rhythm Method   8:11
Resist - Acoustic version   4:31
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:54
Limelight   4:33
La Villa Strangiato   9:53
The Spirit of Radio   5:47

Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:52
Cygnus X-1   3:13
Working Man   5:23

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8df850df477108ff89ed09e740fcbccd *Gorge Rider D01T08.shn
714b4252d5220a6b425ff87469635147 *Gorge Rider D01T09.shn
e4389bb7633899d461ce343048457918 *Gorge Rider D01T10.shn
d63834290efd11d078d7fb070da3b07f *Gorge Rider D01T11.shn
0f7612f2d0a86ea5296e03a870790b94 *Gorge Rider D01T12.shn
00dd7beadb0c8de3c4823cb89d544b9f *Gorge Rider D01T13.shn

95ca64ed0a324a78787eac571387bd9f *Gorge Rider D02T01.shn
6bf8cf8d5a651948b45ee51d875de370 *Gorge Rider D02T02.shn
4417fc310a1163674af893ca539ffb73 *Gorge Rider D02T03.shn
f8ba30f34615d45e29d95c1fee4fb9c5 *Gorge Rider D02T04.shn
51cfe2d0396880063bc91fef20f16fb9 *Gorge Rider D02T05.shn
23215df4f43c273dd2e441d60410d406 *Gorge Rider D02T06.shn
0e37c3204492185248e13bc00d09b913 *Gorge Rider D02T07.shn
3b5220d7784cc2b0ca44058f6b9a8642 *Gorge Rider D02T08.shn
89351b112f031621445f16c0d016a352 *Gorge Rider D02T09.shn
9672e10fa19972c5db8dedfe27723dc0 *Gorge Rider D02T10.shn
c7208a64946ba8abd03bf03f9a283623 *Gorge Rider D02T11.shn
20cc119edc4b288a4bd347de9bbc5ef5 *Gorge Rider D02T12.shn
b62802a2eb59c9d63e9929881c40f916 *Gorge Rider D02T13.shn

3b1de5dea40a4edb2499f54068769294 *Gorge Rider D03T01.shn
c25d73024f31f6d8974ca8f9427e3989 *Gorge Rider D03T02.shn
fd96d0bc95f95d3d6a3088a146ff9999 *Gorge Rider D03T03.shn

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VT Gorge Rider Front Fatboy.jpg
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VT Gorge Rider Front.jpg
VT Gorge Rider.pdf

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Production notes by Cabin Music

Simple Man Productions is proud to release Rush - Gorge Rider. Captured on DAT on 9/14/02 at The Gorge, WA. A rating you ask? Not too shabby!!

The track listing is set list \'A\' for those keeping track of those things.

As is the Simple Man norm, this show is only available for FREE TRADE ONLY. Is is currently available on the Rush Traders Direct Connect hub and several other hubs as well. It is also available for trade and B&P. In addition, it will be posted to alt.binaries.shn in the next day or two.

And please remember, This live unofficial recording was produced by fans for fans. It is never to be sold and only traded freely. If you enjoy this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases.    (2003-02-28)

2002 Rush RoIO of the Year Award


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