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Media: 1 CD Audio
Catalog: Red Devil: RED-004
Source: Radio Broadcast
Date: April 17, 1992
January 30, 1992
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA

Force Ted
Time Stand Still
Roll the Bones
Distant Early Warning
Ghost of a Chance
Xanadu / Superconductor
Tom Sawyer
The Spirit of Radio
Red Barchetta
The Spirit of Radio

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Average Rating:Audio: 8

Brent's Bootlegs
   (Audio - 8)

A very nice sounding mix of songs. Now if we could just figure out the date of the main show.? Ok, confession time -- which one of you crows like a rooster between songs?    (1999-04-01)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

The label on this one claims it was recorded in North America, however, it is a combination of "Run From The Fans" and RNR 92.    (1999-04-01)

Rush CD Bootleg List

This CD sounds like it's from a "made-for-radio" CD (like King Biscuit). The audience is barely audible except in between songs, and then it's overwhelming. The tracks are definitely from a Roll The Bones show, but it's impossible to tell which one. The encore IS from "Rush N Roulette '92", but the rest of the CD is not.? The sound is superb, although the guitar can be hard to hear at times. A soundboard copy to be sure, since the audience is never heard except during the breaks. Speaking of breaks, the songs are completely out of order from the RTB tour but breaks between most of the songs can't be heard. "Tom Sawyer" is faded at the end before "Bravado" begins, and after it ends (before "Subdivisions"). There is also a fade just before "Anthem", although why is anyone's guess because they're already into the encore.? The packaging is pathetic, with a cartoon hand with a cup of dice on the front, and the same cup tipped over (spilling out dice, a feather, and other things best left undetermined). A few of the songs are incorrectly labeled ("Early" is misspelled, and "Spirit of the Radio").? What's most frustrating is attempting to find out where this recording came from. Most of the talking by Geddy is edited out (cleverly I might add). However, there are two things that can identify it (if you know where it's from, please let me know). Both appear in "Time Stand Still". About 10 seconds into the song, there is a person who crows like a rooster. Then you can hear Neil tapping his sticks together, and hear a count of "four" just before the song starts.? Overall, a decent CD. Worth it for the sound if you like a mixture of songs and not a full show. It's a shame the whole show wasn't pressed on to cd, instead of this menagerie of songs.    (1998-11-16)

Nate Hertzog
   (Audio - 8)

Not bad overall, but not great either.? The songs are out of order and the medley is incomplete, most likely due to time restriction in an effort to fit this on one disc.? Overture, Finding May Way, and La Villa are absent from the medley.? The rest is there.?? The first half of the disc sounds like it runs too slow.? Sound quality and clarity is pretty decent though.    (1999-04-01)

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