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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Rush-Signals Production: #RSP-970630-1
Source: Scanner (1st Gen)
Date: June 30, 1997
Location: Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dreamline   5:55
Limelight   4:24
Stick It Out   4:36
Driven   5:56
Half The World   3:42
Red Barchetta   7:02
Animate   6:38
Limbo   5:47

The Trees   5:45
Virtuality   6:01
Nobody's Hero   5:18
Closer to the Heart   5:36
2112   21:38

Test for Echo   6:56
Freewill   5:32
Red Sector A   5:21
Roll the Bones   6:11
Resist   4:56
Leave That Thing Alone   4:46
The Rhythm Method   8:46
Natural Science   8:07
Force Ten   4:44
The Spirit of Radio   4:59
Tom Sawyer   6:27
YYZ/Cygnus X-1   5:04

97toronto back.jpg
97toronto front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 10

Mark Schneider
   (Audio - 10)

If for no other reason, the sound quality of this recording is sufficient to make this title a must have. The other strengths of the recording include the energy level which always pervades a hometown Toronto show, the quality of Geddy's voice this particular evening, and the completeness of the show. The chief downside of the recording is that it favors the treble-end of the music range, which is great for the guitar, vocals and snare drum but de-emphasizes the bass and other lower-end tones. Further, while of high quality, the recording device all but misses the acoustic guitar, certain electronic textures, and vocal/sound overdubs standard in all live performances. This allows for a unique listen to Alex's back-up vocals and a clearer picture of why the overdubs are used in the first place. Finally, there are several sound imperfections - most notably a short fade during Limelight and a buzzing noise during the first part of Tom Sawyer but these are not overly distracting. Again, I would highly recommend this show for your collection.    (2001-06-21)

   (Audio - 10)

This is some really good stuff here! This is one of my favorite "Test for Echo" shows. Although the sound is not what "Bigger and Better in Texas" is, the performance is much better, and the set list probably is as well. Speaking of the sound, you really have to listen to this show WITH headphones, it just seems to balance out all the instruments better. Geddy's voice will get lost if you don't. Having said that, the sound is pretty fantastic! The performance is really very strong. It?s a scanner source so slightly "dry" sounding and there are a few sort of half drop out sounding parts. It sounds like its going to fade out but never makes it and then fades back in, all in 5 seconds. There is a lot of this on disc 3; there are also a few digital pops here in there. Nothing real bad, it can get a little annoying through the 1st half of disc 3, but its okay. There is also about 90 seconds of digital feedback throughout a part in "2112". There are no cuts; this show is here in entirety. There are also a few other side effects from it being scanner sourced. It doesn't pick up synthesizer all that well and the acoustic guitars are really non-existent! It really gives "The Trees" and "Closer to the Heart" a strange feel. It really, really, really gives "Half the World" a kick in the ass; this is my favorite version of it. For whatever reason "Driven" is not affected to badly. The most notable aspect of this recording is Alex backup vocals! The scanner really favored his vocals, on the handful of times he does sing, its like he is the lead singer and Geddy is the backup! It?s really very cool! He is so bad he must have been joking! This is very noticeable in (one of the better versions of) "Dreamline", "Stick it Out", "Freewill" and less noticeable on a few others. Between Alex?s "vocals" and digital noise and droops in the volume you really forget your not listening to a pure soundboard. 85% of the show is really in mint condition, and the rest is in real fine shape anyway! This is a superb addition to every collection.    (2001-06-21)

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