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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 67:43, 61:21
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions:
Source: AUD
Date: May 07, 1994
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intro/Dreamline   6:43
The Spirit of Radio   4:53
The Analog Kid   5:17
Cold Fire   5:24
Time Stand Still   5:53
Nobody's Hero   5:09
Roll the Bones   6:01
Animate   7:14
Stick It Out   5:17
Double Agent   4:55
Limelight   4:28
Bravado   6:25

Mystic Rhythms   6:00
Closer to the Heart   5:38
Show Don't Tell   5:25
Leave That Thing Alone   5:58
The Rhythm Method   7:18
The Trees   5:17
Xanadu   6:31
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:14
Tom Sawyer   5:13
Force Ten*   4:37
YYZ^   4:20
Cygnus X-1^   0:44

a2101395d8c5bd0d8ab38330f54fb038 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t01.shn
560daccd6f695788dab7e1032449a461 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t02.shn
49233cd473e2da848dfc69d2e1ad4537 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t03.shn
ad3db44d792585fe4bafd22b0543dc6b *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t04.shn
2fed57e84fe5709c5e0de89ece68479a *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t05.shn
4dad0fe59e5f6f6166af654abae2353f *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t06.shn
7e5ad884730d17e7fa017186358749bc *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t07.shn
6adf834f07477d81745c3d87ba501724 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t08.shn
b5f4c4c40e72504572aaf5d6811bf630 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t09.shn
2b6869974082afa47563ebec564bcd33 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t10.shn
a10206e4fc88b936a988b0105b61c14f *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t11.shn
553b4bf2af1b274935dd2c51db3302cc *rush1994-05-07matrix-d1t12.shn

f4bd959e9ad08bc3ec39fe0b29f13fdc *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t01.shn
09344339658eeab75c9ab3d8dbe94970 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t02.shn
d07a11c76a6a5808da59b84ce03b599d *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t03.shn
52528ca92f82fce79923efb538056a5a *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t04.shn
5285b2adbdd0e78b92ab310d9eaf8f45 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t05.shn
7ddc9e6b9790cd4e3ca190758073ca70 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t06.shn
910641ed993dda5a024803c6250d2f29 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t07.shn
3f09210539ef096f422c727681d74367 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t08.shn
cdfd1ac45c7fa1c8c8dbb5984f646966 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t09.shn
ab96ec8890d7840025abda382967f557 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t10.shn
6d02a7edafc4df7db6970d10d704ef44 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t11.shn
525e56db82e47d9e8066f432d2c25f90 *rush1994-05-07matrix-d2t12.shn

CP Matrix Animated Back Thumbnail.jpg
CP Matrix Animated Back.jpg
CP Matrix Animated Front Thumbnail.jpg
CP Matrix Animated Front.jpg

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*Source: AUD1 > AUD2
^Source: AUD2

AUD1: Unknown Audience recording: CDR > EAC V0.95 prebeta 4 (secure) > CoolEditPro 1.2a
AUD2: 1st Gen Audience video soundtrack. "A Farewell to the Gardens" DVDR. Applejack Studios AJ-D940507-01. DVDR > DVD Decryptor V3.2.1.0 > 16bit/48kHz PCM Wav > CoolEditPro 1.2a
SBD: Liberated boot "Animated" Silver pressed CD > EAC V0.95 prebeta 4 (secure) > CoolEditPro 1.2a


Majority of this recording is a matrix of the "Animated" bootleg with an audience recording of unknown lineage.
From approximately 2 minutes into Force Ten, the remainder of the encore is from AppleJack Studio's DVDR release "A Farewell to the Gardens".

Many years ago, I purchased the silver pressed "Animated" from someone (I think I paid $40 for it) and thought that it was a great soundboard recording, although it was incomplete and in mono. As my collection grew, I was listening to more and more audience recordings and found that a good audience recording sometimes is a much better listen in comparison to a SBD. For example, the Rush Milwaukee '84 audience recording is far better than the Landover '84 SBD. IMHO however, there are some phenomenal Rush SBDs in circulation, most notably the Oakland '92, Madison '94 and Mansfield '97. So far, not too many audience recordings can achieve what these 3 SBDs deliver in terms of recording quality.

So after some thought, I decided to matrix "Animated" with the audience recording source I had to see what the results may be.

Although I didn't have too many difficulties with the matrix process, I did have to cut the AUD1 source into about 60 sections in CoolEditPro's Multitrack editor. I began to play with different mixing percentages in hopes to obtain the right of amount of ambiance from the audience source and the clarity of the SBD. Finally, I landed on a mix that I liked with the AUD1 source at -7.7dB from 0dB and the SBD remained at 0dB. This mix sounded the best to my ears.

Unfortunately, the AUD1 source cuts out about 2 minutes into "Force Ten". This is where I mixed in the AUD2 source, which is from a 1st gen video soundtrack. Again, I used CEP's multi-track form to matrix the 2 sources. AUD2 was kept at 0dB.

Prior to final mixdown, some EQ adjustments were made to SBD (decrease HF), AUD1 (decrease HF) and AUD2 (increase HF and LF). Upon the final mixdown of the matrix, several amplitude adjustments were made to even out the recording as best as I could; and the final wave was normalized to 0dB.

Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.

Lineage: SBD + AUD1 + AUD2 > CoolEditPro 1.2a > Final Mixdown > CDWav > SHN (mkwAct)   (2004-04-08)

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