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Moving Pictures
Exit Stage Left
First Tour of the Nadars
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At The Mark


Media: 2 DVDr Video
Time: 61:43, 62:52
Catalog: CTTH Productions: CTTHP DVD-20040307-0
Source: Audience VHS (1st Gen)
Date: April 09, 1994
Location: The Mark, Moline, Illinois, USA

The Spirit of Radio
The Analog Kid
Cold Fire
Time Stand Still
Nobody's Hero
Roll the Bones
Stick It Out
Double Agent

Mystic Rhythms
Closer to the Heart
Show Don't Tell
Leave That Thing Alone
Rhythm Method
The Trees
Hemispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer
Force Ten

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At The Mark DVD Case.jpg
At The Mark Front Jewel Case.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.5
Video: 8

CTTH Productions
   (Audio - 6.5, Video - 8)

1st Gen VHS - Canon Xi DV Camcorder by-pass (Analog to Digital Conversion) - Firewire to PC (AVI Capture) - Vitrualdub (audio and video split) - TMPEnc Video Encoding - DVDLab (Authoring)

I originally started making these DVD's for personal use and enjoyment (archiving VHS tapes that I have acquired throughout the years). But I felt that it would be cool to get these shows out to the trading group, ie. ones that would not normally be traded. Also, I want to get shows out theirthat have interactive menus and proper song indexing. Hopefully others will be able to transfer some of their shows soon and we can get a large number of titles out their that are not just standalone recorder versions.

With that said, I am pleased to present my first DVD in a series of 1st gen VHS digital transfers. The sound is a bit compressed and distorted at times, usually between songs due to crowd noise, but it is very good during the songs. What is lacking in sound quality is made up by the video, which is shot from Geddy?s side of the stage. The filmwork is steady with focus problems at the beginning of some songs and of course the odd head and ceiling shots. The only cut is between Force Ten and YYZ. The filmer gets angry at times and you can really hear him when someone is blocking his view (oh the profanity!).The artwork comes in both DVD and jewel case sizes. No audio or video noise reduction was used in this production.?    (2004-03-17)

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