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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 46:34, 46:16
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: 31194-6
Source: Soundboard
Date: March 11, 1994
Location: Centrum Centre, Worchester, Massachusetts, USA

The Spirit of Radio
The Analog Kid
Cold Fire
Time Stand Still
Nobody's Hero
Roll the Bones

Stick It Out
Double Agent
Mystic Rhythms
Closer to the Heart
Show Don't Tell
Leave That Thing Alone
The Rhythm Method

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Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Northern Reflections
   (Audio - 7.5)

This is a very enjoyable soundboard recording with an interesting introduction to STICK IT OUT.? The only problems are brief sound drop-outs/muffling (notably during THE SPIRIT OF RADIO) and the last one-third of the concert is missing.? However, all of the COUNTERPARTS songs are here.? During Closer to the Heart, Alex introduces the band as Cam Neely (Alex), Larry Bird (Neil) and Skip Gildersleeve.? It would be nice to locate the complete concert (if it exists).? The sound quality is very good and the artwork features COUNTERPARTS-era pictures of Geddy and Alex.   (2001-06-23)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

Ah, finally the soundboard from the Worchester show has been found!? It starts off sounding great, unfortunately it doesn't end that way.? After the first few minutes of tSoR the sound changes drastically.? Seems that somewhere in the chain someone's tape deck was misaligned causing the sound to get dull and muddy.? It is unknown if it was intentional or by accident.? It is the better 2/3's of the show and still a nice show to listen to.? Hopefully someone will obtain the full DAT of this show and share it with the rest of the Rush fans.? Until then, enjoy what is available of one of the rarer SBD shows around.? Definitely the tale of two recordings!??? As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (1999-12-04)

Greg's Notes
   (Audio - 7.5)

Another awesome soundboard recording from the Counterparts tour.? Unfortunately, somewhere along the way an analog tape recorder with a bad head caused the recording to have some muffled sections.? When I first heard this, I was jumping for joy one minute and cursing the next on account of the sound fluctuations.? When it sounds good, it is the best boot recording ever, rivaling Darkness & Light and Mirrors.? When it is bad, especially during The Spirit of Radio, it is really muffled.? Still, this is a great recording not to be missed.? DR did a great job with the artwork.? Looking at the track listing, I was struck by the fact that the longest piece of music in the whole show was Neil's drum solo.? The search is on for a better copy of this recording.....   (2001-06-23)

   (Audio - 7.5)

Overall EX-   (2005-04-24)

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