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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 71:11, 74:27
Catalog: Scarred Records:
Source: Audience
Date: May 21, 1983
March 25, 1986
Location: Wembly Arena, London, England
St. Paul Civic Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The Spirit of Radio   4:17
Tom Sawyer   5:09
Freewill   5:27
Digital Man   6:41
Subdivisions   5:17
Vital Signs   5:12
The Camera Eye   6:33
Closer to the Heart   3:43
The Analog Kid   4:50
The Trees   6:11
Red Barchetta   6:17
The Weapon   7:55
New World Man   4:00

Limelight   4:12
Countdown   5:53
2112: Overture / Temples of Syrinx   6:22
Xanadu   2:27
La Villa Strangiato   3:31
In the Mood   2:25
YYZ / Drum Solo   10:23
The Big Money   6:33
Manhattan Project   5:32
Middletown Dreams   5:22
Witch Hunt   5:03
Red Sector A   5:28
Marathon   6:37
The Trees   4:39

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

Ben's Notes
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a truly amazing show from the last night at Wembly and the band sounds like they are having fun! The sound is very good for an audience tape and this is the re-mastered (speed corrected) version. It's a must have! Other than a few source tape related glitches, the show fade in, an abrupt ending to In the Mood, most likely the tape ran out, YYZ fades out and some very slight hiss, this is a very listen-able and enjoyable show. There is some bonus material tacked on to the end.    (1999-04-01)

   (Audio - 8.5)

This is an average audience recording in sound. It has a lot of unique value in that its the only show from the 9 month "Signals Tour" that is any good! I really get a kick out of this show because the performance is really some spectacular magic to behold! The whole night is just blessed with Rush at their absolute best, few shows I have heard can rival this performance it's totally awesome! Not only that they play a whole lot of rare live material..."Digital Man" just works live man! Also, I really like it when they "connect" "Tom Sawyer" to "The Spirit of Radio", it just kicks ass! My favorite part is during the "Overture" when Geddy usually does his little "ooooooooooo" (diehards known what I'm talking about), Alex buts in and does it for him in a VERY sarcastic matter making Geddy (and me) lose it! Its funnier then heck.

So why then is everyone so luke warm about this? Its not just because the sound is mediocre, and its not just because of the tape hiss. What bugs me the most is the devastating amount of cuts in this show! Make no mistake, this has cuts galore! You really get a good feel for the show anyways, but there is about a dozen of these and its really sucks! Especially since this is an otherwise wonderful night! The one that really, really sucks is the one that cuts out right before the finale! You go the whole tape in glorious rock and roll heaven, trying to pretend the sound is better, and trying like hell to ignore the cuts and then, the emotion builds higher and higher...finale is coming!!!..."DAMN IT!"    (2001-12-23)

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a very good audience recording. Everything can be heard fine and the audience noise is minimum. It is a complete show but there are a few edits between songs where empty space was deleted. The band puts on a good performance and do a lot of goofing off at the end of the show. Sorry for the terrible scan of the cover. Prism really started to produce shitty liners towards the end resulting in shitty scans.    (1999-04-01)

Nate Hertzog
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a great show. It's the old Signals from London show cleaned up and with the speed and signal problems corrected. Much better than the original. This is a great setlist, featuring Digital Man, Vital Signs, Countdown, The Camera Eye, just to name a few. This is one of my favorites. Alex sings (I mean moans) at 1:50 of Overture! But, I'd have to recommend Autumn Woods and Winter Skies as the Signals show to get.    (1999-04-01)

Brent's Bootlegs

Take a look at that setlist one more time. There are a lot of songs there that you do not find on many other bootlegs. Not to mention that this is the best sounding bootleg available from the signals tour and now it has been made better. The original Signals From London ran approximately 4.5% too fast. This bootleg corrects that problem.    (1999-04-01)

Rush Trading Register

Wembley Arena, 1983. Rush had not visited since the Exit.. tour and was I ever ready. From what I remember the show was superb, video was much more prevalent and the keyboards where very much to the fore. So how about the bootleg? - does it do the memories justice. - Yes - and then some. This is one of those superb audience boots which, when played loud - and I do mean LOUD - really gives you the feeling you where there. This is probably the best sounding Signals boot out there and certainly the only one committed to CD. For this leg of the tour, Rush dropped Chemistry and where definitely having fun - as the vocals on 'Plumber Who Fix Your Sinks' bears witness. Other highlights include rockin renditions of Digital Man and Vital Signs plus Countdown. As a bonus we get some 'Power Windows' filler tracks on disc-2. Unfortunately while these are nice to have the quality is nowhere near as good as the London show - however a rare treat is a version of Middletown Dreams!! Packaging is a let down and rather badly designed - but who buys boots for the pretty pictures? I love this boot!    (1999-04-01)

Mr Clueless
   (Audio - 8.5)

It's in par with "Music In The Abstract" in terms of performance, the sound quality is a little better, the setlist is a bit lacking without Chemistry and the completness is a bit of a problem without a proper end to In The Mood, a fade out right before the end of YYZ, a small cut in The Camera Eye and the late tape start. After all, none of these small flaws are enough to spoil such great production. Get it the faster you can.   (2009-08-08)

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