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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 53:11, 40:48
Catalog: I-Vent: Records 1111.25-98
Source: Audience
Date: May 08, 1983
Location: Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany

The Spirit Of Radio   5:20
Tom Sawyer   4:28
Freewill   5:28
Digital Man   6:41
Subdivisions   5:36
Vital Signs   4:51
Closer To The Heart   3:16
The Analog Kid   5:02
Broon's Bane / The Trees / Red Barchetta   12:27

The Weapon   7:23
New World Man   4:08
Limelight   4:07
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx / Xanadu / La Villa Strangiato / In The Mood   14:14
YYZ / Drum Solo   10:53

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Average Rating:Audio: 2

Dr. Caligari
   (Audio - 2)

I got this CDr from a friend, so I don't know who released it and I figured since there were no reviews posted for this show, I'd give it a shot. This isn't the greatest quality audience tape as the recording levels are very low, giving it a bit of a distant sound. However, there isn't much tape hiss and the audience around the taper is well behaved. The sound improves slightly around "Subdivisions" and the instrument mix is good, despite the low levels, so everything can be heard pretty well. The band seem to be in good spirits for this show and there's a little goofing around at the beginning of 2112 on Disc Two. I found it kind of amusing that they only played about a minute of Xanadu before breaking into the back half of La Villa Strangiato and then into In The Mood. During the drum solo, you can hear a couple members in the audience getting into it and it almost sounds stereo. Compared to other recordings I've heard, Geddy seems to be in a rather talkative and jovial mood. Also, in spite of its low recording level, you can hear that the acoustics in this hall make everything sound BIG. In all, I must say I rather enjoy this show, though it's far from my favorite. Die-hard collectors will like it, I think. This is my first submission to this great site, so I hope I haven't disappointed anyone. I welcome any and all feedback or correspondence.    (2002-10-24)

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