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Available Light


Media: 1 DVDr Video
Catalog: Madman Production: 009DVD
Source: ProShot Video Nth Gen
Date: March 08, 1990
Location: The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Force Ten
Distant Early Warning
Time Stand Still
Red Barchetta
Show Don't Tell
The Pass
Closer to the Heart
Manhattan Project
The Rhythm Method
War Paint
Tom Sawyer
The Big Money
2112: Overture
La Villa Strangiato
In the Mood

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Average Rating:Audio: 7
Video: 5.5

   (Audio - 7, Video - 5)

I had always heard about the Presto Pro-Shot, but never seen it. No one seemed to have it in an electronic form, and everyone felt that the VHS version just wasn't worth remastering to DVD. Many of the "old-school" traders had this on VHS, but none of us who are primarily electronic or on-line traders seemed to have it. I was out of the country in 1990, and never got to see the Presto show, which includes many of my all-time favorite Rush tunes.

I finally got desperate enough to ask someone to send me their "crappy VHS" version just so I could see it for myself. I declined an offer to get a VHS copy, and rather asked for the trader's VHS tape directly, as I didn't want to add another "gen" to an already questionable source.

I got it - put it in the VCR, hooked up the Sony DV-Cam Firewire to the PC and the VCR, pushed play and started the capture, and (after the shaky start to "Force Ten") was very pleasantly SURPRISED at the concert that played out before me for the next two hours. For me, the best thing about this video is that it was Pro-Shot and Pro-Edited, which makes it very comfortable to watch, and in my opinion more than makes up for the relatively poor video quality.

I made this DVD primarily for myself, and those with whom I shared it all encouraged me to release it on the DRE. It has its flaws - there are MANY - and the video source is only OK. [The audio is pretty good, better than the other console-burner DVD I found during the creation process.]

I wanted to put a stake in the ground and release a DIGITAL version of this, to ensure that it doesn't ever get WORSE than this through repeated VHS transfers. I would be thrilled to have someone discover a clear, low-gen copy of this show and make mine obsolete!

So it may not be the best - but it's the best available - Available Light.

drjubal at

[Thanks to Fish Eyelands for the source and to Daneck for the wonderful artwork. Available for trade and B&P from the regular sources.]    (2004-01-09)

   (Audio - 7, Video - 6)

some technical difficulties during the Show of Hands intro and through bits of Force Ten but this show, despite the high generation, is quite enjoyable.. while not the most pristine quality, the unique sound of this era is capsulized adequately as Geddy's Wal bass is fat, Alex's textures and tremelo are delightful and Neil is Simon Phillips-like in his style and precision. one doesn't need perfection to capture the exuberance of the crowd; quite a festive atmosphere as during the first 3/4 time section of Freewill, there is a balloon or two being batted around (as well as later on in the show) and fans in the front row apparently got over the abbreviated Freewill as they are going butt-crazy during the Alex's solo during the crescendo of DEW. as DrJubal pointed out, the multiple camera angles is what makes this recording worthwhile; this is an early-tour Presto set with a Big Money encore instead of TSOR, which on its own makes it worth having as TBM was dropped soon thereafter.. Xanadu>YYZ>Drums>Scars is some real fine segue-ing... if you're a fan of the Presto tour and aren't hung up on 10-rated pro-shot snobbery then give this one a whirl. i really dug it but then again i'm a Presto fiend.    (2007-10-16)

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