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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Let It Rip Productions:
Source: Audience (master)
Date: February 05, 1988
Location: The Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California, USA

Intro/The Big Money
Turn the Page
Prime Mover
Manhattan Project

Closer to the Heart (cut)
Red Sector A
Force Ten
Time Stand Still
Distant Early Warning
Lock and Key
Mission (cut)

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1e491311c6657bd061e87470ea98e913 *Track02.mkw
b34eabfcd934869976e1b46a3082335e *Track03.mkw
d5396fa75269f23beee5fe5c080a82e6 *Track04.mkw
5c9639c06af69fd195b1482d53bdbca7 *Track05.mkw
0bfdd9d5c03e8b870c5306b4737f926a *Track06.mkw
846bd77d54827b7a16194c30cde3bbaf *Track07.mkw 

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3d26ed0ae126c12a6913f28a2f1a44e5 *Track02.mkw
d43221ec744d38895f5775c26a483087 *Track03.mkw
a302578b75bfdb94038bb301e2517617 *Track04.mkw
30c5b707e57e74c199f8cc01405a0dbe *Track05.mkw
2932d819f6bb6680824f3088d6ef39b4 *Track06.mkw
b208d1305ad55bc5e38d8d241eaaed21 *Track07.mkw

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HYF Primed Mover Front.jpg
HYF Primed Mover.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 5.5

Let It Rip Productions:
   (Audio - 5.5)

This was the second show featured in the L.A. Forum '86 & '88 Tree". And what can I say about this show? ..... not much. I almost didn't want to tree it because of the sound quality but, I thought it would be cool because both shows were second night performances by Rush at the L.A. Forum and you don't see a tree like that very often. It's just a shame we couldn't find the second tape to the show and to this day we're still looking for it and it might not ever turn up. I would have to rate this recording a VG-/VG. This is a show for the hardcore Rush collector who wants to fill in the gaps in his collection. Even though the master tape was used for this two disc set I had a difficult time trying to remove the tape crackle from the ageing of the tape. Most of all, I would have thank the branches for doing a fine job in circulating and spreading the discs for the "L.A. Forum '86 & '88 Tree". You guys are the best!?

Equipment: Onkyo Stereo Cassette Tape Deck TA-RW111>Pioneer Standalone PDR-W739 recorded w/ Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) audio cdrs at 1X at 1DB>EACed to the harddrive at 1X w/ a Plextor 12/10/32A>Cool Edit Pro 1.2A . Each branches discs were burned a 4X for the tree.    (2002-11-28)

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