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Neil Behind Version 1.0


Media: 1 DVDr Video
Source: Audience Video (unknown gen. hi-fi VHS copy)
Date: November 21, 1984
Location: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

The Spirit of Radio *
The Body Electric *
The Weapon
Between the Wheels #
Distant Early Warning
Red Sector A
Closer to the Heart
Drum Solo *
Tom Sawyer *
Red Lenses / *
Vital Signs /
Finding My Way /
In the Mood

RUSH 841121 Neil Behind v1.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7
Video: 6

   (Audio - 7, Video - 6)

hi-fi VHS > Toshiba RD-XS31 stand-alone HDD recorder/DVDR burner > DVDr > WinRAR 3.11 > .rar archives

1984-11-21 Japanese TV Interview w/Geddy and Alex

* incomplete...has some cut during the song
# dubbed soundtrack from "See You Again Sometime..." bootleg
see description below?

Just a year ago, I released the Tokyo show audio bootleg called "See You Again Sometime... (JSR R-001/002)" and that
time mentioned there are four different recordings for the show. Then I know there WERE another recording with all
other three Japanese shows but they were lost by the famous Hanshin Awaji big earthquake in 1995... very sorry matter.

Anyways, this is one of the four known exist Tokyo recordings, only audience video recording.

Some Japanese bootleg video shops (yes, there are such shops in Japan!) carries this show but most of them have
only 45 mins footage, without encores and 'Between the Wheels'. But I have the copy which has them and the total
time is 62 mins. It is still very incomplete but I think really interesting show and have to introduce this in one point.

To play shows in Japan, Rush have to hire many equipments includes their instruments because the cost of transport
them to Japan is really expensive. And the drum kit is not an exception. Before the Japanese tour, the drum tech Larry
Allen had came to Japan earlier and check the finish of the drum kit only for the Japanese tour. It was pretty good but
there was a big difference it and the regular drum kit...Yes, the one did not rotate ! So, to play posterior electric
kit, Neil had to show his back (behind) to the audience !? So you can see this really funny playing on this release.
See 'Closer to the Heart' !!

I do not know the generation of the source VHS tape and the picture quality is definitely not excellent. But still
holds color and some details. The shooting point is Alex side, almost abeam of the stage, very high above. But the
sound quality is not bad.

Originally I got the VHS as 57 mins footage with 5 mins silent (picture only) part. After checking the play, I knew
it is 'Between the Wheels' which was not include in the 57 mins part so I dubbed the soundtrack from "See You Again
Sometime..." (to sync, adjust the pitch as 100.75 %) boot and move it to the right position.

Plus, I included a Japanese TV interview took during the Japanese tour, maybe on the same day of this Tokyo show.
As you can see it is really high gen. copy but it is the most good quality copy I have for the present.

To make artworks, I used pics from Japanese mags published in jan. 1984 to Feb. 1984. They're all Tokyo show
pictures took by Japanese photographers.

Well, now I have traced low gen. copies of these so this release is "Version 1.0".

Hope all you enjoy this release !

Jun'ya aka The_Sphere


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