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Media: 1 CD Audio
Catalog: None: LMDX001
Source: Soundboard
Date: September 27, 1984
Location: Capital Center, Landover, Maryland, USA

The Spirit of Radio   4:40
Subdivisons   5:21
The Body Electric   5:10
The Enemy Within   5:06
The Weapon   7:46
Witch Hunt   4:49
New World Man   4:05
Between the Wheels   6:11
Red Barchetta   6:14
Distant Early Warning   6:23
Closer to the Heart   3:38
Kid Gloves   4:17
YYZ   3:14
The Temples of Syrinx   1:50
Tom Sawyer   4:46

GUP Tip of the Iceberg.pdf
Tip back.JPG
Tip front.JPG

Average Rating:Audio: 8.333333333333334

   (Audio - 8)

WHOA?SERIOUS soundboard! No question about it! If anyone tells you different, they?re lying! This show is in your face! A great show to get to hear Neil up close and personal!!! Slowly but surely the Rush soundboard shows are popping up! (?bout damn time!)? Nothing overly spectacular about this show other than the source. The boys are playing rather well mid to late tour.    (2000-03-01)

   (Audio - 8)

The only "real" soundboard of a GUP show to become available so far. Only 20 copies of this show were made and released for sale. It is certainly one of the scarcest? Rush bootlegs out there, as only a handful of people were able to purchase a copy. Although it's not as bright and clear as the GUP video cloned discs, it is definitely a genuine soundboard with some rare tunes (Kid Gloves, The Body Electric, Between The Wheels).? Don't miss it!    (2000-03-01)

Meir Weinberg
   (Audio - 9)

Awesome awesome bootleg!! I love the way Geddy sings The Enemy Within on this one!   (2005-02-21)

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