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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 50:52
Catalog: Spotlight: SL-CD 009
Source: Soundboard
Date: September 21, 1984
March 27, 1981
April 23, 1988
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

The Spirt of Radio   5:04
The Enemy Within   4:37
Witch Hunt   4:46
New World Man   3:48
Distant Early Warning   4:14
Red Sector A   4:37
Closer to the Heart   3:32
Tom Sawyer   4:35
Lime Light   4:14
Finding My Way   5:21
In the Mood   3:32

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Rush 840921 RH disc.jpg
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Rush 840921 RH front2.jpg
Rush 840921 RH tn.jpg

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Tom (kozmo4us):

Rushhour isn't too much different from all the other already available editied versions of the ESL/GUP/ASOF bootlegs on disc. (How many more do we need?) This one however, contains edits from all three Rush concert videos (unlike the others) - but still lacks the realism of an actual rare live recording. No suprises here.
Expect the usual problems associated with bootlegs like this: track listing mistakes and a few "glitches" and "fades" during editing between the songs from the different videos. Tracks 1-4 come from the GUP video; tracks 5-8 from the ASOF video; 9-10 ESL video; and track 11 from the GUP video. The setlist lists "Finding My Way" in place of "Freewill" (track 10) and doesn't list "Finding My Way" and "In the Mood" as the medly seen on the GUP video. And inside and on the backside of the disc, Canada is spelled with a "K" (Kanada).
The only reason to maybe have Rushhour in your collection is only because it is only just a different version of the already available Rush video bootlegs. If you don't have this, pass it up and look for something else. There are better "authentic" bootlegs out there.    (1999-04-01)

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