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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 53:00, 55:20, 53:48
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-10796
Source: Audience (DAT Master Clone)
Date: November 07, 1996
Location: US Air Arena, Landover, Maryland, USA

Thus Spake Zarathustra   1:31
Dreamline   5:09
The Big Money / Wipeout   6:58
Driven   5:11
Half The World   3:59
Red Barchetta   6:56
Animate   6:58
Limbo   5:28
The Trees   5:31
Red Sector A   5:18

Virtuality   6:09
Nobody's Hero   5:25
Closer to the Heart   4:57
2112   20:42
Test for Echo   6:44
Subdivisions   5:40
Freewill   5:41

Roll the Bones   6:21
Time and Motion   5:11
Leave That Thing Alone   4:46
The Rhythm Method   7:41
Natural Science   8:06
Force Ten   4:46
The Spirit of Radio   4:58
Tom Sawyer   6:45
YYZ   4:30
Cygnus X-1   0:40

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T4E An Absolut Rush Front.jpg
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T4E An Absolut Rush Tray.jpg
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Average Rating:Audio: 9.625

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 10)

Taken from a clone of the DAT master, this is by far the best sounding audience show from the first leg of the T4E tour. So good in fact that it gives the Chicago '97 and Camden '97 shows a good run for the money. There is virtually no crowd noise during the songs giving an incredible level of clarity. Even during the quite passages, Geddy's voice comes through like you were standing right next to him. Neil comes through with great force and exceptional detail. The real value of this show is that it includes "Time and Motion", the best sounding version thus found. An absolute must have recording from the T4E tour! As with all Digital Reproductions releases, these are not for sale. They are for free trade only so please do not sell or purchase this recording. See the trading links and newsgroup for individuals that will freely trade this show.

   (Audio - 10)

The title says it all. This show is an absolutely incredible audience DAT recording!! The sound is powerful, crisp and full of pure digital power. What more can I say? It's better than Albany '96 show in terms of sound quality and has "Time & Motion". IMO, this recording is the best AUD source from the '96 tour and is up there with the Tinley Park '97, Camden '97 and San Jose '96 shows. This is a pure gem that surfaced late in 2001. Many thanks to Eric @ Powerwindows and to the taper, Eric P. for the source. Equipment: Sony D8 w/Sonic mics. This is FOR TRADE ONLY. Please do not pay money for this recording, for there are many traders (see Trading Register) who would be glad to share the music that we love.

   (Audio - 10)

Dan is right about this being a must have show. I was quite impressed when I heard this show. If you're looking for a T4E recording from the 1st leg of the tour, by all means find someone who has this and set up a trade. This is damn good!

Aramis K. V.A.
   (Audio - 8.5)

From those AUD floating around regarding Test for Echo tour, this one should be tested and tasted. Even though the bass lacks punch and the guitar is a bit low, the environment is very clear; the drums are perfectly captured, and except for a minor chattering around – as in “Red Sector A”-, the audience is quite isolated. AAB is about 3 hours of killers where still you can’t get enough; the people respond in great manner. The guys are in good shape, almost zero flub or botch; Alex’s rant is sharp but due to the distance, in some segments it might not be appreciated in its full extent.    (2008-03-27)

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