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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 57:11, 67:01
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 12180
Source: Audience
Date: January 21, 1980
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2112   15:39
Freewill   5:52
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:38
Xanadu   12:14
The Spirit of Radio   5:32
Natural Science   8:32
A Passage to Bangkok   3:43

The Trees   5:04
Cygnus X-1   8:08
Hemispheres   14:02
Closer to the Heart   3:12
Beneath, Between and Behind   3:09
Jacob's Ladder   7:45
Working Man   3:27
Finding My Way   0:23
Anthem   1:39
Bastille Day   1:27
In The Mood   2:42
Drum Solo   6:24
La Villa Strangiato   9:41

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Average Rating:Audio: 7

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

This is the third performance of the PeW tour, in it?s entirely. A great representation of all the high points so far, this show features scaled down versions of 2112 and Hemispheres, as well as all the other great songs you?d expect. For my money, this is the best full Pew show out there, no question. All the instruments are clear and well mixed. There is only a tiny bit of distortion on the extreme frequencies, and even this is pretty hard to hear. The only detractor is that part of "Cygnus" is faded out, probably where tapes were changed. A must have!    (1999-04-01)

Ben's Notes
   (Audio - 7)

I got this show by mistake during a trade and was actually glad I got it! There is a slight bit of hiss that you can pick up (but I listened through headphones ) but otherwise the sound quality is great! Just a bit of high end missing, you can't always hear the ride cymbal, And a bit of low end distortion when Geddy gets wound up, but you can hear everything else just fine (must be a very low generation source) The band is in good form for the Montreal crowd. Alex breaks a string during Freewill but the part he lays out works! (and makes it sound a bit funky!!) All told this is a very decent (and complete) show from early in the PeW tour and would make an excellent addition to any collection! (actually one of the better shows from this tour that I've heard.. there aren't many!) Cygnus/Hemispheres is the "streamlined" version (I never could figure out why they didn't segue the two except for Geddy announcing This is Cygnus X-1 book 2 Hemispheres???) Anyway, Hemispheres fades out and back in most likely for a tape flip, but you really don't miss much (and Alex wastes another string or gets lost just before the fade!) We also get to hear the makings of the "Reggae" version of Working Man which Geddy announces as "Old Russian Song". Lot's of goodies in the "Medley" and La Villa as an encore!    (1999-04-01)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7)

This is a great show from the PeW tour, and a complete show at that. Overall the sound quality is quite good, better than the 2/21/80 show. The medley has a great selection of older songs and Working Man is introduced as an old Russian song according to Geddy. There is a little distortion in the lower mid bass area, but only with with Geddy's equipment. Neil and Alex sound just fine, maybe Geddy was having problems with his monitors that night. There are a few songs initially that were at lower volume than others which was fixed in the mastering stage of this production. The only side effect being that a couples songs have a bit louder hiss than the others, a worth while trade off for having the whole show at the same level. An excellent recording to add to any collection. This would rate as an EX- recording if not for the occasionally slight distortion in Geddy's equipment.    (1999-04-01)

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