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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 91279-2
Source: Audience
Date: September 12, 1979
Location: Allentown Fairgrounds, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

2112   16:21
A Passage To Bangkok   4:04
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   5:23
Xanadu   13:16
The Spirit Of Radio   5:21
The Trees   4:50
Cygnus X-1   9:57
Hemispheres   16:34

Closer To The Heart   3:32
Freewill   5:58
Working Man Medley / Drum Solo   16:08
La Villa Strangiato   10:16

rush Semispheres back.jpg
rush Semispheres front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7)

A rare show form the brief Semi Tour of Some of the Hemispheres tour. These shows served as a preview and warm up for the recording of the Permanent Waves album. This concert has a great performance of both books of Cygnus and worth having for that alone. There are a couple of sources for this concert. One is a very distant audience recording with a lot of echo and poor resolution. The other is a much closer audience tape. This production comes from the latter recording. The instruments are quite clear and very well resolved. There is some bias towards the high end and some high end distortion as the cymbals are a bit too bright which is kind of rare considering older recordings and heavily circulated copies generally lose all their top end signal. Other than that this is an excellent recording in both sound and performance. Definitely better than the majority of audience Hemispheres shows in circulation. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (1999-04-01)

Ben's Notes
   (Audio - 7)

The band appears to be having a good time playing and this is probably the last time they play Hemispheres the whole way through without cutting it severely!! The shame is that the quality gets bad during The Trees and stays bad until just before the "Big Medley"! This might have been one of the better performances of Cygnus/Hemispheres that I've ever almost heard! If you get below the hiss and noise you can hear an awesome performance!! Just a tiny cut at the beginning of Prelude for most likely a tape flip since this goes directly into the Sphere at the end (where it usually flips!)

We are also treated to pre-release versions of Spirit of Radio and Freewill which don't deviate much from the soon to be released versions! The set list is just awesome! All of 2112, both books of Hemispheres, Xanadu, the "Big Medley" and La Villa! Who could ask for more! And the best part is that since it's the end of the Hemispheres tour they are in top form, it's just a shame that the quality is a bit weak for the "meat" of the show. Maybe someone will unearth a better copy!    (1999-04-01)

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 7)

This is an average audience recording. The bass is very prominent and the guitar and drums are just a little low in the mix. You can hear some talking close by but for the most part the audience noise is not distracting. It is a complete performance with only a very small cut in 2112: Overture. The show is from one of the last nights of the Hemispheres Tour. These last few shows served as a preview for the upcoming Permanent Waves album. The setlist features The Spirit Of Radio and Freewill which were yet to be released. There are no major differences, just some minor alterations with the guitar solos. The highlight of this recording is Cygnus X-I: Books I and II played in their entirety. This was the last time this was ever done. The producer of this set decided not to break the two songs and put them on separate disks. This resulted in disk one being over the 74 minute CD-R time limit. So if you want this show I will have to attempt to overburn the disk or edit the show. Overall a very listenable show with a rare setlist. (as a note, you can use an 80min cdr).?    (1999-04-01)

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