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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 55:44
Catalog: Metal Memory: MM 90018
Source: Soundboard
Date: June 04, 1979
Location: Pinkpop Festival, Geleen, Holland

A Passage to Bangkok   3:56
Xanadu   11:43
The Trees   6:12
Closer to the Heart   4:12
La Villa Strangiato   10:08
2112   9:05
In the Mood   7:13
Something For Nothing   3:15

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Average Rating:Audio: 9

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 9)

Rush?s famous Pinkpop performance is captured in this show. With the exception of "The Sphere," there?s nothing here that hasn?t been officially released live, but the strength of this performance lies in the fact that it shows the band really stretching their wings in a transitional period between "old" and "new" Rush. Only the last half of 2112 is represented here (did they do the whole thing at this show?), but what is here has some amazing bass lines from Geddy. As with other concerts from this era, the band is really breathing new life into the older songs via keyboards, chimes, souped-up bass lines, etc. An excellent FM broadcast. Everything here sounds just great. The bass end is a bit heavy, but at high volumes, this one really rocks. The only flaw in this recording is that "Something For Nothing" fades out 2/3 into the song.   (1999-04-01)

Simon Grundy

This is the show that turned me into a lifelong Rush fan.Friends had been playing me Rush for a while,but I didn't get the bug til seeing them live.This recording is pretty much as it went down on the day-though I am remembering events of 25 years ago.I think they may have started with Bastille Day which is absent.To me,the version of Xanadu on here is far superior to any other version I've heard.Geddy Lee's bass playing being particularly excellent. I don't think they played all of 2112.It was a festival with 6 other bands,so time was limited.But I believe it was the last date of the Hemispheres tour and there seemed to be a party atmosphere on stage. Indeed most of the road crew took to the stage during the encores(Rush got 2,only one other band(The Police) that day managed to get more than one )hurling themselves around stage with various unplugged instruments attached.This is a fine recording of a fine show.One or two other things of interest;Dutch tv also filmed this-they filmed all pinkpop shows.La Villa Strangiato was broadcast.They also showed a brief interview clip just before Rush went on stage in which Alex Lifeson revealed a seriously damaged finger(trapped in car door I think)which may explain his blooper in the aforesaid La Villa!!    (2004-12-24)

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