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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 54:33, 49.09
Catalog: DutchRush Productions: DP 2003-02
Source: Audience
Date: May 23, 1979
Location: Concert House, Gothenburg, Sweden

Intro   0:43
Anthem   4:51
A Passage to Bangkok   3:58
By-Tor and the Snowdog   5:18
Xanadu   12:49
The Trees   4:55
Hemispheres   19:48
Closer to the Heart   3:22

A Farewell to Kings   6:10
La Villa Strangiato   10:39
2112   19:07
Working Man   3:45
Bastille Day   1:49
In the Mood   2:48
Drum Solo   4:48

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HEMI Forgotten Kings Remastered Thumbnail Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

DutchRush Productions
   (Audio - 7)

I was asked to master 2 tapes to a 2 disc set. The Gothenburg show is already documented on 2 releases, most notably the DR release: 'Lost Circumstances', the other being 'Admission Free' by I-Vent records. Now, I have never heard either of these releases but based on others' comments I can only presume these tapes *should* sound better.

The show starts of with bass distortion present. I've tried to tame it but still, some remains throughout the show. Editing was done in order to create fluent transitions in between tape flips (nothing is missing in songs though). These tapes omit 'Cygnus X-1'. The overall sound is pretty good with all instruments very audible. There is some hiss present, obviously by the aging of the tapes and the usual generational loss. I have not used any hiss reduction for several reasons:

1. It degrades the original signal.
2. It takes away to much 'headroom' in my opinion.
3. The signal noise ratio is bearable enough for me.

The show may vary in sound a bit due to the fact it was split over 2 tapes. Also: the fact that nothing is missing in songs, leads me to the idea that there may have been 2 tapers...I could be wrong though. The Hemispheres transition is smoothly enough, the 2112 is a little more noticeable, mainly due to the difference in sound.

So there you have it: a Swedish Hemispheres show that sounds at least half decent. Enjoy as long as your motives are non profit based!    (2003-06-05)

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