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Welcome to the ROIO Database

Criteria for RoIO Listings

Just about any recording can be added to the Digital Rush Experience Database, but there are a few guidelines to take into account the numerous easy to produce CDr recordings.

  • The recording should be openly available and intended to be traded or distributed as an actual production.
  • Recognized productions should have items such as cover art with some kind of labeling, use DAO format (no 2 second gaps), correct track indexing, proper packaging, liner notes, a catalogue number. In other words it should look and seem like someone made a serious effort at the production. Not all listings will fit every criteria.
  • Any and all stamped aluminum recordings, what are referred to as the good old fashioned cd.  Few CD's will probably be produced from this time forward.
  • No cdrs that are straight copies or rehashed versions of a previously available title.  The release would need to fix or address a problem in the original or have something else that would differentiate the recording from the original.

About the RoIO Listings, Reviews, and Ratings

The Digital Rush Experience has been around since April of 1999. And as such, there are some basic considerations to take into account when using this website as a informational reference tool.
  • The original site used a grading scale based on EX, VG, G and fractions there of. The new site, for database purposes, converted that scale to just pure numeric values as follows:

EX+ = 10 EX/EX+ = 9.5 EX = 9 EX-/EX = 8.5
EX- = 8 VG+/EX- = 7.5 VG+ = 7 VG/VG+ = 6.5
VG = 6 VG-/VG = 5.5 VG- = 5 G+/VG- = 4.5
G+ = 4 G/G+ = 3.5 G = 3 G-/G = 2.5
G- = 2 P+/G- = 1.5 P+ = 1 P = .5
P- = 0 No Rating

  • Many of the recordings listed in the database are actually quite old. So take it with a grain of salt when you see a review stating a recording is "the best of the tour". For example, in 1999 the Mountain View 1997 show was the best of the widely available shows. Since then it has been surpassed on many occasions.
  • Reviews and comments from older informational sources such as the Great Rush Bootleg Series, Rush CD Bootleg List and National Midnight Star usually do not contain sound ratings because their comments were used for a historical perspective on the performance. These comments are usually referring to source material and not the particular production. Same would apply to most comments from Ron's RoIO Rush Guide which typically applies to source material from a tape collector's perspective.
  • Note: The reviews and comments contained in the RoIO Database have a pronounced bias against sellers and plagiarism and a pronounced positive bias for free trade fan labels.

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