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Fly By Night
Caress of Steel
All the Worlds a Stage
A Farewell to Kings
Tour of the Semispheres
Permanent Waves
Pre-Moving Pictures Tour
Moving Pictures
Exit Stage Left
First Tour of the Nadars
Grace Under Pressure
Second Tour of the Nadars
Power Windows
Hold Your Fire
Roll the Bones
Test For Echo
Vapor Trails
30th Anniversary
Snakes and Arrows
Snakes and Arrows Live
Time Machine

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"Storm" Over Tucson" Remaster


10th Row In A Haze

12 Years Later


19K Worth Of Cheese

20 Years Of Rush On Rockline

2112 Days

3 At The Forum

3 Decades Of Three Stooges

3 Ghosts In Philly

3 Merely Players

3 Of A Kind

30 Years and 2 New Songs

30 Years Strong

30th Dallas

6/14/81 Long Beach Arena (Raw Transfer)

69 Chicago


A Beautiful Sight

A Bowl Full Of Rush

A Brussels Affair

A Change Of Pace

A Change Of Seasons

A Change Of Synergy

A Chicago Dreamline

A Cinderella Story

A Confused State Of Mind

A Dangerous Frontier

A Darker Light

A Desert Passage

A Desert Passage - Platinum Edition

A Desperate Voice

A Difference Of Perspective

A Digital Beach

A Digital Forum

A Dream To Rise

A Dry Kind Of Humid

A Fallen Stick

A Far Cry For San Diego

A Far Cry In Bristow

A Farewell To Deer Creek

A Farewell To Kilts

A Farewell To Kings And Queens

A Farewell To Omni

A Farewell To Richfield

A Farewell To Things

A Fire In London

A Forum Full Of Weapons

A Full House

A Fun Consrt

A Gentle Hand

A Ghostly Glow

A Gift For The Giving

A Glimpse of What's Beyond

A Helping Hand

A Huge Giant Marshmallow

A Laugh In Milano

A Lerxst In Porkopolis

A Little Closer To You - Part 1

A Little Closer To You - Part 2

A Little Closer To You - Part 3

A Little Closer To You - Part 4

A Little Closer To You - Part 5

A Milan Grazie

A Moment In Time

A Mystical State

A New Reality

A New World

A Nice New Building

A Night At The Spectrum

A Noble Effort

A Pane In The Glass

A Pass Through Mountain View

A Passage To Oslo

A Passage To Oslo - Platinum Edition

A Plum Of An Evening

A Return To Past Glories

A Right To Passage

A Roadmap To Dayton

A Roll In The Meadows

A Roll Of The Dice

A Roll Of The Loaded Dice

A Scalpers Paradise

A Scottish Canadian Cowboy In Jersey

A Shot Of Satisfaction

A Shvitzy Night

A Single Perfect Sphere V1.1

A Spirit Without Radio

A Swim In Central Park

A Symptom Of Life

A Tale Of Two

A Talking Drum

A Time For Change

A Torn Up Photograph

A Voice In The Wilderness

A Walk In The Park

A Welcome To Kings

Abbreviated Arrows

ABC Studios

Absolutely Signals

Aces High

Across The Lake

Across The Lake Detroit 12/02/1978 Live!

Admission Free

Ahead Of The Wheel

Ahoy, Eh?

Alba Gu Brath

Albuquerque 2010 (rn)

Albuquerque 2010 (Sabanitas_AD)

Albuquerque, NM '81

Alex Can Dance

Alex Wails, Alex Questions

Alex's Alzhimers Bout

Alex's Zoo Blues - Plutonium Edition

Alex's Zoo Blues - Plutonium Remaster

Alien Shores

All Choked Up

All Systems Go

All The Roles We Played

Allentown 2010 (bcironmaiden)

Allentown 2010 (Tapehead2)

Along A Wooden Trail

Alpharetta 2008 (The Govner)

Alpine Valley

Alternating Currents (Sirius)

Alternating Currents (Syrinx)

Ames Inc DAT

An Absolut Rush

An Angel In Orlando

An Angular Mass

An Endless Universe

An Evening In Dallas

An Evening In Houston

An Evening In London

An Evening In Philly

An Evening Of Enchantment

An Evening With Rush

An Eyeless Game

An Insolated Border

Anaheim '81 - The Definitive Edition - Remastered

Anaheim 1981 Master

Anaheim, CA 6-16-81 - The Definitive Edition

Ancient Archives

Animals That Like The Blues


Animated Steel

Animated: Remaster

Anniversary Medley In Manchester

Another Chance At Victory

Another Chance At Victory Version 2

Another Lalo Nern Recording

Another Lost Generation

Another Rushian Invasion

Another Test

Another Wasteland

Another World A Stage

Anthem For Cleveland

Anthem Of Seattle

Anything Can Happen

Anywhere But Here

Armed With Sense And Liberty

Artist Confidential 2004

Artwork Under Pressure

At Budokan

At Globen 2004

At The Big Apple

At The Big Apple : Part 2

At The Heart Of Moving Pictures

At The Horizon

Atlanta '86

Atlanta 2010 (rn)

Atlanta Assisted

Atlanta's Heroes

Atlanta, GA


Atmospheric Changes

Atmospheric Disturbance

Attack Of The Meat Bees

Auburn Hills 2011 (billybardo)

Auburn Hills 2011 (The Govner)

Auld Lang Syne

Autumn Woods And Winter Skies

Avalon Rush

Aztec And Maya


B-Man And The Cheesesteaks

Back By Popular Demand

Backseat Monkey Business

Bad Boys In Cleveland

Baggy Barn Storm

Balloons By The Bay

Baltimore 2011 (Kubacheck)

Baltimore 2011 (PG1Tapes)

Barreling Over The Edge

Bastille Day '02

Bastille Nights

Battle In Seattle

Beaumont 1979 (mystical crow)

Because It Happens

Behind Iron Gates

Behind The Fire

Behold Our Fire

Belgian Delights

Belgium 1979

Belt Up And Listen

Better Beer

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Between Country And Western

Between The Ferris Wheels

Between The Red Rocks

Between Two Extremes

Big Ben

Big Money Meets The Big Apple

Big Money Meets The Big Apple - Remaster

Bigger & Better In Texas

Bigger & Better In Texas - Remastered

Bigger & Better In Texas! - Titanium Version

Biloxi Nights

Birmingham '88 - Remaster Edition

Birmingham 1980

Birmingham Feedback 1

Birmingham `83

Birthday Feedback

Bitter Wind & Stormy Skies

Black Forest

Black Hole Of "Cygnus X-1"

Black Ice

Bone The Rolls

Boned In Steel City

Bonner Springs (Raw Source)

Bonner Springs 2007 (Ryan A)

Bonsoir, Montreal

Boston 2010 (AsYd)

Bottle Of Booze



Brazilian Big Victory

Breaking Sound Barriers

Bristow 2007 (Tdb)

Bristow 2010 (Billy Shears)

Bristow 2010 (RCarter)

Bristow 2010 (rn)

Bristow Trails

Broad & Patterson

Broken Windows

Brought To You By The Letter Rush0212

Buenas Nochas! Motor City

Buenos Nochas, Mein Frankfurt!

Buenos Noches Mexico

Buffalo 1984

Buffalo Bones

Building Ivory Towers

By-Tor 74

By-Tor And The Pink Wig

By-Tor On The Mountain

By-Tor On The Mountain - Titanium Edition

By-Tor's Battle

By-Tor's Battle V2.01

By-Toronto Mystic Gardens



Californimania - Part 2

Californimania - Part 3

Camden 2007 (Lou)

Camden 2010 (Tapehead2)

Camden, NJ 2007 (BFOC)

Camden, NJ 2007 (Lou)

Can't Fight It

Canada '81 - 20th Anniversary Edition

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon - Platinum Edition

Canadian Trail Mix

Canadian Trail Mix - Granola

Canadian Trail Mix - Nuts & Fruit

Canadians On The Bayou

Capitol Punishment

Capture My Thoughts

Careful With That Axe, Alex

Castles In The Distance

Catch The Angel

Catch The Spirit

Caught In The Act

Caught in the Camera's Eye

Celebrate The Eve Of Big Wave

Celebrate The Moment

Centerstage Chicago

Centrum Complete

Changes Never End

Charlotte Fever

Charlotte Fever - Platinum Edition

Charlotte Likes Snakes

Charlotte, NC 1983

Check This Out

Cheese Unlimited

Chicago 10-28-96

Chicago Under Pressure

Chicago, IL 1978 (Rick B.)

Chicago, IL 1981 (Eeklair)

Chicago, IL 1981 (Rick B.)

Chicago, IL 3-1-81 - The Definitive Edition


Chicken Kitchen

Cincinnati 2007 (Jerry B)

Cincinnati 2008 (The Govner)

Cincinnati Unlimited

Cinderella Kings

Citizens Of The World

Citizens Of The World - Platinum Edition

Clarkston '97

Cleveland 2011 (The Govner)

Closer To Our Heart

Closer To The Magic

Coiled At The Springs

Coin Operated

Cold Fire In Hotlanta

Cold Flames

Columbus 2007 (Jerry B)

Columbus 2010 (jbraverman)

Columbus 2010 (relayer67)

Columbus 2010 (The Govner)

Columbus Coat Of Arms

Come In And Feel The Show

Come To A Standstill

Concord 2007 (dcbullet)

Concord 2008 (dcbullet)

Concord Unlimited


Constellations Of Light

Contents Under Pressure

Cool Dream

Cool Under Fire


Countdown - Platinum Edition

Countdown To London

Counterparts Tour 1994 - Audio DVD

Critical Mass

Crossing The Stage

Crossroads Of The West

Cruising Under Your Radar

Cry For The Moon

Culture Shock

Curious George Is Sleepy

Curiously Strong

Currently In Vogue

Cursed Indeed

Cuyahoga Falls 2007 (lghtnm)


Cygnus - Gold Edition

Cygnus X Story

Cymply Fabulous

Czech Feedback


Dallas 2007 (Chris Milazzo)

Dallas 2007 (Mike Rowefoen)

Dallas 2007 (Steve Armstrong)

Dallas 2010 (whotapes)

Dallas 84 Texas Jam

Dallas Project

Dances With The Moon

Dane's Bane

Dankoewel Holland

Darien Lake '97

Darien Lake 2007 (Toaster)

Darkness And Light

Darn That Rabbit

Data Overload

Dayton '82

Dayton 1981


Dedication - Platinum Edition

Deja Vu

Delta Forces

Destination Dayton

Detroit 2008 (gladcarrot)

Detroit 2008 (PotHole)

Detroit, MI 1981

Deviating From The Norm

Diamonds In The Waste

Different Circles

Different Degrees

Different Shows Live

Different Structures

Digital Men

Dip Into


Distant Overture

Distant Signals

Don Kirchner's Rock Concert

Don't Ask Me, I'm Just Improvising

Double Bill

Double Marathon

Down The Tubes

Dragon's Bane Lane

Dreams Flow Across The Heartland

Drive Of Champions

Drive `Til You Die


Driven Over The Edge

Driven To The Edge

Driven To The Edge - Platinum Edition

Driven Up And Down

Ductile Iron

Due Reflection


Earplugging In Hamburg

Earthly Luminescence

East Rutherford, NJ '81

Eastern Echoes


Echo Tester

Echoes For Test

Echoes On The Stages

Echoes On The Stages - 2 Disk

Electric Lady Land Studios 1974

Electric Rush

Electronic Countermeasures

Elm City Waves

End Of The Road

Endlessly Rocking

Enemies From Within And Beyond

Enough Talk About Pigeons

Entre Nous Live!!!

Escape From Canada

Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire Remastered


Every Nerve Aware

Every Soul A Battlefield

Everyday Glory

Everything Will Happen


Excitement So Thick

Exit Ahoy...Left?

Exit The Warriors

Exit... Stage Right

Exit... Stage Live

Experience To Extremes

Experience To Extremes - Remastered

Extreme Exult

Extreme Reactions

Extreme Reactions DTS

Extremely Tight

Eye Of The Storm

Eyes Wide Open


Face Up In Fresno

Faith, Goodness, Humanity

Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees - 2.0

Fallen Trees - Platinum Edition

Falling From Grace

Falling Into A Progressive Illusion

Fancy Dancers

Farewell To Frankfult


Fearsome Force

Feedback At Manchester

Feedback At Wembley

Feedback In The Backseats

Feeding On The Fires

Feel The Circuits Blowing

Feel The Current Flowing

Feel The Powers

Feeling Unlimited

Filters On Our Eyes

Finding Prime

Fire In Lackawanna

Fire In The Meadowlands

Fireworks In Hell

First Attempt

First Contact

First Impressions

First Night In Germany

First Part Of Counters

First Power

First Time

First Time In Tucson

First Time RTA Edition

First Vision Under Pressure

Flight Of The Meat Bees

Floating Down A River With A Canadian Trio

Florida 1994

Flowers In The Garden Of The Gods

Fly By Cleveland '74

Fly By Toronto

Fly In The Night

Fly In The Night

Flying High On Vital Signs

Flying Shark Snakes Swarm The Coral Sky

Flying To Hamburg

For GoD So Loved the World

For Our First Trick

For What It's Worth

For What It's Worth - Platinum Edition

Force Without Form

Forest Of Death Productions

Forgotten Kings

Forgotten Kings - Remastered

Four Nights In A Judo Arena

Fourteen Years Later

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankfurt Festhalle 1992

Free Fall

Free Sundae

Freedom Of Music

Freewill And A Broken String

Freeze This Moment A Little Bit Longer

Fresno Master Clone

Fresno Mood

From A Better Vanished Time

From Rain To Earthshine

Full Spectrum

Fun In England


G Under P

Gambling Under Pressure

Gangster Nation

Gangster Of Boats

Gangster Of Bones

Garden Road

Gater Cousins At Coney Island

Gefilteh Music For Morons

Generations Lost

Geometric Order

Ghost Of The Arena

Girls Gone Wild

Glasgow Apollo 1980

Glasgow One

Glasgow Two

Glen Falls Under Pressure

Glory Rolls On By

Good Bugs In Georgia

Good News First

Goodbye, Stuttgart!

Gorge Rider

Gorgeous George

Grace Under Pressure


Graceful Meadowlands

Gracing Montreal

Great Balls Of Fire

Great Woods And Summer Skies

Greatest Show

Greensboro 2011 (The Govner)

Greensboro 2011 (univoc)

Greensboro Coliseum

Greetings From Charlotte


Half A Brew

Hallowed Eth

Hamburger Sonic-View

Hamilton, ON 1986

Hammersmith '78

Hammersmith `79

Hampton, VA

Hands Of Time

Hanging With The Working Men

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Birthday Bash

Hare Raising

Harpooned Walrus

Hartford 28-06-2002

Hartford Civic Center '81

Hartford, CT - 1st Gen

Hatched, Axe And Saw

Hear In Hear Out

Heart Full Of Soul In Chicago

Heavy Waters

Held Hostage In Hollywood

Helsinki 2007 (sinner76)

Helsinki Finland 2007 (BMR)

Hemispheres Live In Chicago 1978

Hemispheres Performance

Hemispheres Tour/Oslo

Hemmerlein Halls

Here Again

Here Again At The Agora

Here Again At The Agora - Platinum Edition

Here We Go

Hershey 2011 (Tapehead2/AT943)

Hershey 2011 (Tapehead2/Schoeps MK4)

Hershey, PA 1980

Hi Canada!

High & Away

High Occupancy Vehicle

Highlights From Houston

History In Ruins

Hollywood 2007 (Josephine)

Hollywood Bowl 04

Hollywood Kings

Holmdel 2010 (mrsaureus)

Home Again

Home Again - Platinum Edition

Hometown Victory


Hope & Glory

Hope The Wind Doesn't Blow This Way!

Horizon To Horizon - Part 1

Horizon To Horizon - Part 2

Horizon To Horizon - Part 3

Horizon To Horizon - Part 4

Hot June Night

Houston '02 (Raw Source)

Houston Soundboard

Hurricane Charlie Visits Jones Beach



Hyperspace (Gypsy Eye)


I Can't Stop Thinking Big!

I Got Crabs At Hooters

Ice On Fire

Idols And Icons

Ikiiki Siteiru

Illegal Beyond Belief

Imaginations On Fire

Improvising Windows

In A Phosphorescent Wave

In A World That Seems So Small, How Did I End Up In Pittsbur

In a World... Of Pigeons

In Boston Red Sox Nation

In Flanders Fields

In Search Of Suzanne

In Stockholm 2007

In The Beginning

In The End

In The Evening Sky

In The Meantime...I'll Grab Your Sausage

In The Middle

In The Pleasure Dome I

In The Pleasure Dome II

In The Studio: Signals And Grace Under Pressure

In Touch

In Town

Independence Day


Individually, We Are A Ass, But Together, We Are A Genius

Ingliston UK

Initial Reflections

Instant Attraction

Intercoastal Interplay

Invasion From Canada

Invasion Of The DAT Snatchers

Invisible Airwaves

Invisible Forces

Iron City

Irvine 2010 (Tapehead2)

Irvine Meadows

Is There Anybody Out There?

It Doesn't Suck So Bad This Time, Papa

It's All About the Music

It's All in a Days Work

Ita Diis Placuit



JD3 - The Definitive Edition

JD4 Remaster

Jerry's Favourite Band

Jones Beach (Raw Source)


JT's Version

Just Can't Pretend

Just Leave It Alone!

Juvenile Delinquents


Kansas City

Kansas City 2008 (wloner)

Kansas City 2010 (Gary Dean)

Keep On Riding - Part 1

Keep On Riding - Part 2

Keep On Riding - Part 3

Keep On Riding - Part 4

Kinda Like Jazz

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter I

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter II

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter III

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter IV

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter IX

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter V

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter VI

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter VII

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter VIII

Kingdom of Fire - Chapter X

Kings For A Night

Kings In The Palace

Kings On The Stage


KISW Interview: Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache

Knight Of Wands

Koln, Germany '92


La Villa Strangiato

La Villa Stransoundboard

Laguna Hills

Lakefront Assault

Lakeland '85

Lakeland '88 Remaster

Land Of The Living

Landover, Maryland

Largo '80

Las Cruces De Fuego Santo

Las Vegas 2008 (Rob Mullen)

Las Vegas 2010 (lvrwm)

Last Fire In America

Lay Hand Over Hannover

Le Gran Detuning

Leave That Beehive Alone

Leave That Buffalo Alone

Leaving Omaha

Leaving Omaha, Again - Platinum Edition

Leeds, England 1980

Left To Chance

Leicaster, UK 1980

Lerxst In Strangiato Vol. 1

Lerxst In Strangiato Vol. 2

Lerxst In Strangiato Vol. 3

Lerxst In Strangiato Vol. 4

Lerxst In Strangiato Vol. 5

Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend

Licensed To Thrill

Life Under Pressure

Lightning Reactions

Like A Box Of Chocolates - Volume 1

Like A Box Of Chocolates - Volume 2

Like A Box Of Chocolates - Volume 3

Like A Ghost Rider

Like In Lakend 85

Lil Rush

Live (MusicTape)

Live (Wall Of Sound)

Live -Vol. 1 - USA 1989

Live 1974

Live Anthem 1975

Live Art

Live At Manchester Apollo

Live At Nassau Coliseum 12/9/82

Live At Pinkpop

Live At The Hammersmith

Live At The Mecca Arena 3/24/86

Live At The Sacred River Meuse

Live At The U. D. Arena

Live At Toronto 1981

Live From Journal Pavilion

Live From New York

Live From The Electric Ladyland Studios 1974

Live Hemispheres

Live In Albany

Live In Albuquerque

Live in Buffalo, NY

Live In Buffalo, NY '80

Live In Dallas

Live In Dallas RM

Live In Hartford 83'

Live In Holland 1979

Live In La

Live In Lakeland

Live In Lakeland - Platinum Edition

Live In Lakeland 1985

Live In Largo '81

Live In London

Live In London '80

Live In London '88

Live In London 2nd Night '81

Live In London 3rd Night '81

Live In London, England

Live In Mexico 2002

Live In Milan

Live In Montreal

Live In Nassau

Live In New Haven, CT

Live In New York City 3/8/94

Live In Nurnberg (Raw Source)

Live In Providence, Ri

Live In Richmond

Live In San Antonio, TX

Live In Saratoga

Live In Stuttgart 1981.

Live In Toronto 1986

Live In Worcester

Live On Satellite

Live One / Live Two

Live USA

Living In Bloomington

Living In The Fish Islands

Living In The Limelight

Loaded Dice

Lock, Stock, And Barreled

London Arrows

London Feedback 2

London Fog

London Ontario 2007 (unknown)

London `79

Long Twirl Goes Boom

Look And See

Look The Storm In The Eye

Looking Down From Olympus

Los Angeles 02

Los Angeles 2008 (Bob S)

Los Angeles 2010 (Bob S.)

Los Angeles, CA - 1st Night

Lost Circumstances

Lost In Philly '84

Lost In The Atmosphere

Lost Tapes

Louisville 2011 (Robducati)

Lunar Eeklips Matrix

Lunar Gravitation


Mad Cows And Scotsmen

Made In Japan

Magic In Edmonton

Main-hattan Project

Majestic Symphonies

Making It Up As They Go

Making Modern Mnusic

Malignant Humidity

Manchester England 1980

Manchester Et Nous

Manchester Henhaus

Manchester Kings

Manchester, England 1979

Mannheim Germany 2007 (SF)

Mansfield, MA (Raw Source)

Marcus Amphitheater - Fixed

Mardi Gras

Marilyn & Charlie

Mars On The Horizon

Maryland Heights 2010 (cptncrash76)

Maryland `86

Marysville, CA

Mass Production Zone

Matrix Animated

Matrix: Atlanta 02

Maximum Jax - Survive Annihilation


Mechanical Music

Mid-American Dreams

Mid-American Dreams - Platinum Edition

Mid-American Dreams - Platinum Edition - Speed Corrected

Mile High Echo

Mile High Fiddler's

Milwauk'eh Cheese Snakes


Milwaukee '97

Milwaukee 2008 (Belexes)

Milwaukee 2010 (analog4011)

Milwaukee Monkey Business

Milwaukee's Best

Miracle On Ice


Mistress Of The Dark


Modern Day Warriors

Mohegan Sun 2007 (Bill Hoy)

Moment Of Glory

Montreal (opsopcopolis)

Morrison 2007 (Mike B)

Mountain View

Mountain View 2010 (bigdog)

Moving Pictures Story

Moving Pictures Tour/Chicago

Moving Pictures Tour/Fort Worth

Moving Pictures Tour/Oakland

Moving Stage

Moving Targets

Moving Targets Version 2.01

Moving To Baton Rouge

Music In The Abstract

Music Is Paramount

Music Of The Spheres

Musical Messiahs

Mutiny At The Ahoy

My Apologies...Brilliant!

My Brain Hurts

My Favorite Member Of Rush!

My Virtual Hand

Mystery Eyes

Mystic Dreams

Mystic Overture


Naked Wires

Nashville 2011 (The Govner)

Nashville Trails (Raw Source)

National Sound

Natural Reflex, In Artificial Light

Natural Science

Never Forgotten

Never Stands Still

New In Town

New In Town - Platinum Edition

New Orleans 1992

New Orleans 1994 (2nd Source, Raw Source)

New World

New World Men

New Years Eve Bash '78

New York '81

New York 2011 (Tapehead2/AT943)

New York 2011 (Tapehead2/Schoeps MK4)

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Revisited

Night Of A Thousand Songs

Nineteen Hundred And Seventy-Eight

No Hard Feelings

No Place Like Holmdel

No Time To Pause

No Title (Celebrity Tennis Jam)

No Title (Soundcheck)

Noah's Ark

Noble Warriors

Noblesville 2008 (The Govner)

Northern Heroes

Northern Territories

Northwest Pacific

Not Quite Normal

Nuremberg '92

Nuts And Bolts (Madison)

Nuts And Bolts (San Diego)


O 'Chicago

Oak Oppression

Oakland 81

Oakland, CA 1986

Oberhausen Germany 2007 (SF)

Oberhausen, Complete

Obsolete Absalom

Ode To Broonsie

Off The Record

Old Russian Song

Omaha 2010 (mygnat)

Omni Under Pressure

Omninous Fire

On Certain Nights

On Certain Nights - Boston - 10/28/02

On European Holiday

On Rush's Secret Service

On The Bar

On The Bayfront

On The Wet Summer Lawn

One Big Victory

One Big Victory (Remastered)

One Hot Night

One Night In Stafford

One Year Later And Another Hostage Released

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Only Half The Story

Open Windows

Orchestrate Illusions

Orlando, FL 2008 (drdrew)

Oslo Norway 2007 (rat6464)

Our Ceiling Unlimited

Our Second Nature

Out Of Hiding

Out Of Reality

Out To Pasture

Over The Europe

Overnight Delivery



Painting Omaha

Palladium Palais

Palms & Pearls

Paramount Eve

Paris 1992

Parts In Motion

Passive Aggression

Pause, Rewind, Replay

Pavilion Feedback

Paz's Attic Release #1

Paz's Attic Release #2

Paz's Attic Release #3

Paz's Attic Release #4

Paz's Attic Release #5

Paz's Attic Release #6

Paz's Attic Release #7

Paz's Attic Release #8


Penultimate R30 At The Globe

Permanent Pictures

Permanent Tour

Personal Pictures

Philadelphia '80

Philadelphia 2008 (Flying Gonz)

Philadelphia 2008 (Tapehead2)

Philadelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Project

Philadelphia Project (Gypsy Eye)

Philadelphia, PA 1979

Phoenix 2008 (kjalen)

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising '94

Phoenix, AZ

Picture This

Pictures Of Phoenix

Pictures Preview

Pictures Projected

Pinkpop Festival

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pittsburgh '97

Pittsburgh 2008 (lghtmn)

Pittsburgh 2010 (rschw76409)

Pixellated Space

Plastic Guitar

Play Don't Tell

Playtime In The Garden (Part 2)

Plus Ca Change

Poison In Power

Poking Around In Hell

Polarize Me

Polarized Spectrum

Porto Alegre Trails

Post-Gazette Vapors

Poughkeepsie NY 1980 Jan 26

Power Failures

Power Failures - Remastered by EAB

Power Surge

Power Windows Demos

Powering Canada's Capital

Practice Makes Perfect

Praying For The Light

Preludes Of The Future

Premature Waves

Premium Export

Premium Import

Prepare For Tour

Pressure Release

Prime Mover

Primed Mover

Project R30

Project R30: Boston

Project R30: Las Vegas

Project R30: Las Vegas - Audio DVD

Project R30: New York-01

Project R30: New York-02

Providence Power

Pulled From The Torrent

Put Another Quarter In That Machine


Queen Of Oblivion


R30 - Tampa

R30 Atkins Diet

R30 In Oberhausen

R30 In Stuttgart

R30 Washington

R4 : Red Rocks Rush Redux - EQed

R4 : Red Rocks Rush Redux - RAW

Rabbits In Richfield

Rabbits On Bourbon Street

Racing Against The Night

Radiant Thunder

Radio Signals

Red Alert

Red Barchetta

Red Rocks 2010 (DaGhostRider)

Red Rocks 2010 (sloppyart)

Red Rocks Remaster

Red Sector A

Red Sector Atlanta

Red Stages

Red Stars Of The Solar Federation


Reeking Havoc

Reflected Light

Reflecting The Glory

Remote Control

Renewed Faith

Return Of The Necromancer

Return Of The Rush

Return To Cleveland


Rhythms Of The Night

Richfield, OH 1991 (zzrck)

Richfield, Ohio '80

Ridgefield 2008 (Chris Mcgrath)

Ring Of Fire

Rio de Janeiro 2010 (bigfootpezao)

Ripping A New One

Rising From The Ashes

River Rhythms

Road Tested (2nd Leg)

Roadmap To Dorothys House

Rochester, NY '02


Rocinante - Remastered Edition

Roll Again

Roll Models

Roll The Bass

Roll The Stones

Rollin' Milwaukee's Bones

Rollin' Them Bones

Rolling Birmingham

Rolling Into Steel City

Ron's Vault Release #1

Ron's Vault Release #2

Ron's Vault Release #3

Ron's Vault Release #4

Ron's Vault Release #5

Ron's Vault Release #6

Row In A Night

Row The Boats

Run Faster

Run From The Fans

Run Short

Rush 'N' Roulette '92

Rush Ahoy

Rush Hour (Greatest Hits Live)

Rush Hour 1974

Rush In Milwaukee

Rush In St. Paul

Rush'n Rotisserie

Rush'n'Tyne United

Rush, Papier, Ciseaux


Rushian Nor'easter Category I

Rushian Nor'easter Category II

Rushian Nor'easter Category III

Rushian Roulette

Rushian Whiskey 74




Salt & Pepper

San Antonio 2010 (Ukimikko)

San Francisco, CA 1986

Sandia Serenade

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs 2010 (CEddy)

Scanning A New Perspective

Scanning For Dragons

Scanning For Dragons - Remaster

Scanning The Waves

Scanning The Waves - Platinum Edition

Scars Of Pleasure

Schleyerhalle Stuttgart 19.9.2004

Scissors, Paper, Stone

Scotish Feedback

Scottish Gremlins

Seagulls From Hell

Seasonal Migrations



Seattle Night

Seattle Supersonic

Seattle, WA 1974

Second Coming

Second Edition

Secret Empire

Secret Show

Secret Touch On A Broken String

See You Again Sometime...

Seeing Red

Sending Mixed Signals

Serpents & Spears

Setting The Course

Sheffield City Hall 22.2.78

Sheffield Snakes

Sheffield, England - 01-06-1977

Shoreline Raw Source

Short Takes

Shortened Stockholm

Show The Rabbit

Sign Of Eth

Signalling Syracuse

Signals De Quebec

Signals From Holland

Signals From London

Signals From London Remaster

Signals From Suburbia

Signals Get Crossed

Signals Transmitted

Signals Transmitted - Act I: Reaction Making Impact

Signals Transmitted - Act II: Exchange Of Energy

Signals Transmitted - Act III: No Flow Without The Other



Simulated California

Sin City Flames

Siren Song

Sixty-Nining To Columbus

Skin And Bones

Smile You're On DVD

Smirnoff Stooges

Smooth Agression

Snack Attack

Snake Pass

Snakebites In Tampa

Snakes & Arrows & Rotisserie Chicken

Snakes & Arrows & Sweat

Snakes & Earl's

Snakes & Ladders

Snakes And Arrows Ya'll

Snakes And Beer Breaks

Snakes And Crickets

Snakes And Sparrows

Snakes And The Gate

Snakes And Urinals

Snakes In Milwaukee 2007

Snakes In The Henhouse

Snakes On A Plain Of Cosmik Consciousness

Snakes On A Stage!

So Debonair

Soaked To The Bone


Some Kind Of Drama

Something Fun, Something Old

Something Old Something New

Something Old, Something New - Remaster

Songs Of Eternity

Sonic Trails

Sonic Trails - Chrome Edition

Sonic Trails V2.0

Sound And Fury

Sound Of Holy Fire

Sounds Of Science

Soup, We Need Soup!!!

Southern Trails - Part 1

Southern Trails - Part 1 - DTS

Southern Trails - Part 2

Southern Trails - Part 2 - DTS

Space And Time

Special Delivery

Special Songs And Some Psychiatric Treatment

Special Tennis Event With Geddy And Alex

Spinning In A Spectrum Of Hemispheres

Spinning Wheels

Split Hares

Spokane, WA '80

Spoons And Bowls


Sports Arena - Toledo, OH

Springfield, MA 1986

St Louis 2007 (Chuck)

St Paul 2007 (drumj56)

St. Louis '80 - Remaster Edition

St. Louis 1984

St. Louis 2008 (AT898)

St. Louis 2008 (cptncrash76)

St. Paul 2010 (Belexes)

St. Paul, MN 1978

Stage Test

Stainless Steel

Staring Down Into A Heartless Sea

State Of Grace

Steak 'n Shake

Steel Breeze

Steel City Armor

Stick It Out Alex

Still No Guitar

Still Standing

Stolen Signals

Stooges Two Step

Stories From Signals

Storm In St. Petersburg

Streets Of Diversity

Stretch Drive

Stretch Drive - Platinum Edition

Stretched To The Limit

Strippers Of The Caribbean

Stuttgart, Martin Schleyer Halle

Suite Signals

Summer Nights

Summerfest Milwaukee

Sunrise 2011 (JohnG)

Sunrise 2011 (rn)

Sunrise 2011 (SUITES)

Sunrise In The Mirror

Super Nova

Super Power


Surge Of Adrealine

Sweet Miracle In Sao Paulo

Sweltering At The Beach

Synchronized Stars

Syracuse '83

Syracuse 2010 (Beatkilla)

Syracuse 2010 (Boeditaper)

Syracuse 2010 (bouliasoul)

Syracuse 2010 (sunboy)

Syracuse 2010 (toaster)


Take A Shot

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Taming The Dragon

Tampa 2010 (Bluntforcetrauma/DPA4022)

Tampa 2010 (Bluntforcetrauma/DPA4061)

Tampa Soundboard

Tampa Trails

Target Mass Appeal

Target Mass Appeal - Platinum Edition

Tastes Like Chicken


Taurus Pedals From Hell

Teaching Phoenix A Lesson

Tear The Temples Down


Temple Of Syrinx

Test Drive

Test For Bones

Test It

Test Limbo

Texas Two Step

Thank You For Your Warm Welcome


That's Entertainment!

That's Entertainment! Remastered

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

The Age Of Wonders

The Appliance Of Science

The Archives `Tour

The Art Of Sound

The Basinger Dream

The Bayou Electric

The Big Apple Box

The Big Show

The Bravado Returns

The Capital Center 11/30/87

The Cathode Rays

The Clapper

The Countershmeg Show

The Cow Palace

The Day Tampa Stood Still

The Dayton Game

The Dice Are Hot

The Digital Man 5.0

The Digital Wait

The Dragon Grows Too Mighty

The Dream Ignites

The Earth Shines

The Edge Of A Dream

The Feverish Flux

The Fifth Order Of Angels

The Final Mix - DTS 5.1 Version

The Final Mix - Matrix

The Final Test

The Finest Special Effects

The Fly

The Forgotten Tapes

The Glasgow Gathering

The Gorge

The Great Western Bravado

The Greatest Act

The Hallowed Halls

The Hartford '90

The Igloo

The Innocence Slips Away

The Innocence Slips Away Remastered

The International House of Sausage

The LA Kid

The Last Orange

The Last Signal

The Lonely Torchlit Hill

The Lost Signal

The Madrigals

The Magic Hall

The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Of Radio

The Main Mancy Business

The Meat Bees

The Men Who Hold High Places

The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things

The Missing Method

The Mission

The Necromancer

The Other Half

The Power And The Glory

The Pretentious Necromancer

The Pulse To Passion

The Rochester Trilogy - Part 1

The Rochester Trilogy - Part 2

The Rochester Trilogy - Part 3

The Rotterdam Experience

The Scars Of War Paint

The Secret Touch

The Secret Touch

The Sense Of Possibilities

The Signals Tour/Los Angeles

The Snakebite DVD

The Sony Sessions Vol 1

The Sony Sessions Vol 2

The Sony Sessions Vol 3

The Sony Sessions Vol 4

The Spark Still Flies

The Speed Of Life

The Spirit At Sunset

The Spirit Of Baseball

The Spirit Of Buffalo

The Spirit Of Largo

The Spirit Of Rabbits

The Spirit Of Radio

The Spirit of Radio City - Part 1

The Spirit of Radio City - Part 2

The Spirit Of Radiostar

The Spirit Of St. Louis

The Sport Of Kings

The Static Of Talk

The Stooges Invade Philacamdia Pennsyljersey

The Summit Board

The Technician Is Here

The Tempest Of Nissan

The Three Magicians

The Three Magicians - Remaster

The Time Is Now Again

The Trees Of Scranton Pennsylvania

The Walk Of Fame

The Way The Smoke Blows

The Wilderness Of Mirrors

The Winterland

The Work Of Gifted Hands

The Work Of Gifted Hands - Platinum Edition

The Xcel Factor

Them Snakes At Comcast

Then And Now Radio Special

There's No Place Like Home

There's Snakes In Them Hills

Things Crawl In The Darkness

Third Night At The Cobo

This Is How We Do It

Thomas & Mack

Thousands Of Songs

Three Aces

Three Ducks In A Pond

Three Hellions Come To Frogtown

Thrilla In La Villa

Through A Looking Glass

Through The Void.

Through The Window

Throwing Marshmallows At Alex Is Not Recommended

Thuh Gost Rydur

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Tight Force

Time After Time

Time Against The Tower

Time And Emotion

Time To Roll

Timeless Wavelength

Timeless Wavelength - Platinum Edition

Tinker To Evers To Chance

Tinley Park Dreams

Tinted Windows

Tip Of The Iceberg

Tivoli Gardens

To Be The Other Half

To Hear Amazing Things

To Stand The Test Of Time

Toledo 2011 (JamminJ)

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Live At Long Beach Arena

Toronto 2007 (bobcat)

Toronto 2007 (Burnboy)

Toronto 2008 (JMZ93)

Toronto 2010 (jmz93)

Toronto's Last Stand

Toronto, ON 1977

Tour Of The Hemispheres

Tour Of The Hemispheres 1978 Vol.I

Tour Of The Hemispheres 1978 Vol.II

Tour Of The Semispheres

Tour Of The Semispheres - Platinum Edition

Trails Of Vapor

Trails To Polaris

Trump Taj Mahal

Tucson, AZ 1986

Tulsa 2010 (barthie)

Tuning Man

Turn The Pages Of History

Turn The Stage

Turn Up The Music And Smile

Tuxedo Tuesday

Twilight Zone At 1600

Twin Meadows

Twin Territories

Two Great Suites

Two Mix

Two Versions


UK Unlimited - Birmingham 1st Night

UK Unlimited - Birmingham 2nd Night

UK Unlimited - Glasgow

UK Unlimited - Manchester

UK Unlimited - Wembley 1st Night

UK Unlimited - Wembley 2nd Night

UK Unlimited 4 - DVD Audio

Uncasville, CT 2002

Under The Starwood

Underwear Exchange

Une Nuit Magique

Union Of The Snake Volume 1

Union Of The Snake Volume 10

Union Of The Snake Volume 11

Union Of The Snake Volume 12

Union Of The Snake Volume 13

Union Of The Snake Volume 14

Union Of The Snake Volume 15

Union Of The Snake Volume 16

Union Of The Snake Volume 17

Union Of The Snake Volume 19

Union Of The Snake Volume 2

Union Of The Snake Volume 21

Union Of The Snake Volume 3

Union Of The Snake Volume 4

Union Of The Snake Volume 5

Union Of The Snake Volume 6

Union Of The Snake Volume 7

Union Of The Snake Volume 8

Union Of The Snake Volume 9

Uniondale, NY 1979

United The Allentown `79 Master

United We Stand

Universal Pictures

Universe Divided (DR)

Universe Divided (PRRP)


Vagabonds In Silicon Valley

Valentines Day Massacare

Vancouver BC

Vancouver Circumstances

Vancouver Victory

Vaporizing Mansfield

Venom, Meet Flint!

Veteran Songs

View From The Mountain

Virtual Sands

Virtual Songs

Virtual Worlds

Vishnu & Gaia

Visions And Illusions

Visions And Illusions - Version 2.01

Visions And Illusions - Version 2.02

Visual Chemistry

Vital Dreams

Vital Signs

Vital Signs Platinum Edition

Viva La Rush

Voices From The Sea

Vomiting Guitars

Vuja Dey


Waltz Of The Shreves

Wantagh 2010 (conan1982)

Wanting To Explode

War Paint

Warnor's Theatre '78

Watchmaker's Sun... Lit Only By Fire


We Are The Priests

We Dance On The Strings

We Ended Up Here

We Have Assumed Control

We Have Assumed Control (CatSkip Records Inc)

We Want Bytor ... Give Me Bytor

We Will Play The Dice

We're On The Sleep Train To Concord

Welcome Back Home

Welcome Back In Oberhausen - Remaster

Welcome To Our Town

Welcome To Our Town II

Well At Least It Didn't Rain

Wembley Snakes & Arrows - First Night

Wembley Snakes & Arrows - Second Night

West Palm Beach 2010 (datfly)

West Palm Beach 2010 (John G)

West Palm Beach Raw

What A Show

What Am I Supposed To Say

What Song Is That?

What's On Today?

What's Up Your Sleeve

Wheels Of Time

When The Angels Are Right

When The Water Takes You Home

Where Is The Tape?

Where's My Bones

White Ribbon Benefit

Wild Kenetic Dreams

Winded Cricket

Winken, Blinken, Nod

Winter Skies

Wistful & Weathered in Wichita

Witch Hunting In Largo!!

Wonders Of The World

Woodland - Titanium Edition

Worcester MA

Workin Them Stones

Working Man

Workingmen In Cleveland




Yo Tango Su Casa 'N Mi Bocca

You Can Almost Hear The Circuits Blowing

You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Inside The Star

You Can't Squeeze Sausage From An Accordion

You Move Me

You Stopped Moving Pictures

Your Sausage Gave Me A Rash

YYZed Watchworks


Zero Cool

Zippy, Zany, Zingy, Dreamy

Zo De Wind Waait

Zodiacs Or Almanacs

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